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Breakfast Topic: Is it time to update WoW character models yet? {WoW}

Jan 19th 2010 1:29PM "Well if that's the case, then they should at least update the head, hands, and feet "
That's true. A few extra polys wouldn't likely hurt anyone's frame rate. Like in Age of Conan where the buzz was topless women and I thought the boobs looked like 20-sided dice. Couldn't you use a few extra polys here on the important parts?

Breakfast Topic: Is it time to update WoW character models yet? {WoW}

Jan 19th 2010 1:09PM As much as I'd like better looking toons I think their energy is better spent elsewhere. I agree with the argument that they have the money to do it and should do it but I think ultimately their studio is limited in ways other then money. Finding skilled people, training, organization, the VP's of each department already aren't getting enough time off to spend their money... It seems like it should be as easy as a VP saying "gather a team, hire 20 more people and I'll check with you in two weeks." But I bet it's a bit more then that.

Can you even see your actual base character under all the armor? And except for a few minutes right after I get new gear I hardly look at my toon really. Even with helms turned off all you usually see is the back of the head. I agree that humans are unattractive and also why I don't play humans is the lame animations. I love the NE flip and just the general graceful motions. I'm an artist and I'm all for a graphical overhaul but it just seems there are so many things needing fixing. Balancing the game "cough" must be a huge time sink for the devs.

On the subject of an overhaul I was thinking about the future of WoW and how at some point it's going to have to end or be redone. WoW2: World(s) of Warcraft? Maybe they could rebuild all the current content in higher poly and resolution (start now Blizz!) and then make another portal to another world and continue there. I don't want the old world to go away (mixed feelings about Cataclysm) I've been playing this game for 5 years and I get nostalgic when I go back to the starting areas. I'd rather have less class-breaking nerfs then prettier toons.

Rumor: Sam Raimi's next project is the Warcraft movie {WoW}

Jan 12th 2010 3:52PM On the subject of a movie:
I don't want to see a live action WoW movie with a compromise between actors that look the part and actors that can actually act. Humans with impressive bone structure can't act. Do I have to mention Dolph Lundgren? And the second they stick a know actor in the movie the audience will get pulled right out of the world (every time he's/she/they're on screen, over and over...) (Practical reason: let them try to make WoW-style shoulder armor that doesn't kill the actors the 1st time they raise their arms!) The live action movie would be so full of CG and effects that they might as well just do the whole thing CG and not have to worry about integrating the 2. If they don't go for absolute realism and then come up against the "uncanny valley" then it will all work much better as full CG. And actually normal humans make up such a small part of WoW they wouldn't even have that problem that much. I'm sure the main character will be human but most everything and everyone he interacts with will not.

The thing with CG at our current level of skill and technology is if a movie is fully CG then the viewer looks at it for 1 minute and gets lost in the world, never coming out until the end. Suspension of disbelief is easy. For a live action fantasy movie it's always hard to suspend your disbelief even for a geek like me and even with few effects that call attention to themselves. In a mixed live-action/CG movie, one scene that doesn't look right and the viewer's out of the movie and on guard looking for the next CG element he can spot. He'll get back into the movie eventually but it'll very likely happen again with our level of CG skill. Even Avatar looked a little wonky sometimes (one thing I can think of now-- I think they forced the atmospheric perspective too much sometimes and it separated the foreground from the background too much). As much as I liked Avatar I was looking for CG and finding things I didn't like.
I'd rather the whole thing was just CG like the awesome cinematics from the game. Even from the original game, I love the dwarf on the mountain with the bear scene. No they aren't completely realistic but they are real close (and they don't need to be perfectly real). They are dynamic and exaggerated like WoW needs to be, colorful and more alive then earth. I hope they're not just thinking they'll just make it all gritty and real like LotR was. Might as well just make a Diablo movie then, that's not WoW. Why spend millions of dollars trying to make earth look like WoW and making real actors look like creatures, making thousands of realistic props and costumes and then trying to integrate all the real and CG elements (and failing or making compromises in story or scenes) when the only CG problem would be believable humans? Don't try for total realism and I think the Cg human would be far easier and the rest of the movie would be far better.

I'm thinking the people at WoW are just hoping to do a live action movie because (they can!) they haven't done one yet and want to do a 'real' movie-CG is getting old for them. But I don't think it's the best choice.

Encrypted Text: Rogue defenses need to lose the RNG {WoW}

Mar 25th 2009 2:27PM I guess I shouldn't even comment since I only have a 55 rogue but I don't think rogues are the hardest class to master. I have an 80 hunter and druid. Both are a mix of magical and physical abilities like you said that must be used correctly against every different class or you get owned. Add pet talents and trying to stay at range or changing forms and healing vs dps to that. Rogues need melee range and a rotation for each class, pretty straight forward I think. And kinda boring, but again mine's only 55. Getting to melee range (running straight at something) is way easier then strafing and using cooldowns and CC to stay out of it imho. Rouges get to initiate the combat 90% of the time so they get time to decide on their strat for the class they are going for. Not so with their target. By the time I'm out of the stunlock any good rogue will have you in I'm at 50% health-any mistake means the rogue wins. But I hear that from every class about every situation: "If I make one mistake, I'm done."
But then there's RNG. Maybe more of a difficulty for rogues. I don't like the whole design of combat for rogues, the combo points, that's why mine's at lvl 55. Sometimes you get 1 point, sometimes 2, then you spam a finishing move until you finally have the energy and hope it doesn't miss or you hope for a crit. Crits as RNG are cool but I feel too dependent on dice rolls on my rogue or cat druid.

Are Death Knights autowin in PvP? {WoW}

Feb 11th 2009 1:44AM Jeeze, "they are a hero class, so they should be OP" comments are foolish. So you're saying Blizz decided that everyone that wants to pvp should play a DK and so planned to make them OP. They did, from what I've read, plan to make them very powerful (OP) at release and very fun but it's time they were nerfed for real. On my hunter I save disengage for their death grip but in the 1 second it takes me to get back at ranged I'm at 50% health and they're still at 90% and healing. Diseases, hard melee, plate, pets, slows/roots, Healing! Just add stealth and mind control Blizz, thanks. Sure certain classes have trouble with certain classes and it's always been that way because Blizz can't seem to balance PVE and PVP at the same time. But the only class I've heard of that has any consistant success with DKs is mages, that's not balanced. Pallys also, I'm a nuisance to them on my hunter or my druid, rarely a threat. I attacked a pally on my druid after WG the other day and he turned and stunned me and then walked over and started mining. If he had hit me with baby spice it would have been awesome. Balance Blizz?

Pvp in WoW is becoming less fun all the time since the expansion. My perspective is as a player that's just getting into Arena but I've been doing Battlegrounds since WoW came out. Burst damage through the roof, very slim chance of countering any dps class that gets the first hit in, class disparity... It's not fun to win or lose in 5 seconds. I'd like a bit more balance and back and forth, not just blow-CD and win/lose. Wintergrasp is fun but I'm talking about actual player vs player, toon vs toon, not faction vs faction. It's rarely a close battle 1 vs 1, or 2vs 2. It's too dependent on gear or class. Wouldn't it be great to say "Oooo, a mage, I'll need to...." not "Oh dang a Pally, I hope he's in greens..." I feel relieved when I beat someone but a sense of accomplishment? No. Because I might have just had better gear, maybe way better gear, where's the fun in that?

Doing Arena and losing constantly just to get points so you can get gear is poor design and not fun. But you do it because you have no choice. Without resilience pvp gear you're toast. So you do the Arena grind. And hope that some day you'll have the GEAR to be competitive. Not the skill, that is separate, but the gear. They need to equalize classes and gear in pvp as much as possible and it would be far more popular with the less hardcore. If they segregate PVP and PVE skills I think they could balance PVP to an acceptable level. Maybe the concept of dual spec can be taken a little farther and you have a separate pvp spec that includes your rank of pvp gear. At least for Arena maybe if not for Battlegrounds. I know WoW is a shopping game and I may be banned for making such blasphemous comments but I'd rather be working for rank or title then gear. I know Blizz is addicted to the concept that players will do anything for better pants and the gear keeps you playing and grinding and hoping and paying your subscription but would it hurt to make some aspects of the game less "Quest for Gear!"? I think it would be nice if some aspects of the game were not so "Look at my new shoes!" but more "That's right: It says "Champion" before my name."

Okay I'm getting off point here, time to shut up...

Ready Check: Guide to Naxxramas (Thaddius) {WoW}

Jan 27th 2009 1:22PM As a BM hunter I was gimped the 1st 2 times I did this fight because I couldn't get my pet to jump with me. He'd run around and then I couldn't dismiss him or anything because I got a "out of range" message. I finally read somewhere that you put him on "Stay" at the bottom of the ramp before engaging Stalagg and Feugen and then he runs back there as you jump down to Thaddius and despawns because of range. Then you just whistle after you jump down.

Any easier or quicker techniques?

Ask WoW Insider: The ninja debuff {WoW}

Nov 25th 2008 12:27PM Most of the argument here is just griefers against people with ethics. "It's not your ore until it's in your bag." So whatever you can possibly do to other players is fine as long as the game allows it right? Screw ethics and the idea that actual humans are behind that other character, the game allows it. I'm sure there are lots of legal things you could do to your neighbors and coworkers that would benefit you in some tiny way but really piss them off. And I'm sure someone with such weak character would do them if you didn't have to deal with the repercussions of your actions. I'd love to see ingame repercussions for griefers/campers and especially ninjas. Age of Conan gave players a red colored name for a little while if they ganked a player much lower then them, indicating to everyone that the ganker deserves the same treatment. In that game they should have added "for the next 10 minutes you can't stealth and your level is reduced to 10 below the level of the player you just killed" to that also. But a funny way to 'gank' in AoC was players with horses kicking other players off bridges. The Youtube videos of that were hilarious, you should look them up. It was different there though, there wasn't just 2 factions at war, it was a FFA so you never knew who might attack you. I had players just start hitting me when I was fighting mobs and my health got low. They'd just kill you and run off. I had a long revenge-gank list real quick but never made it past lvl 23. In WoW it's more okay to gank I'd say, since there are 2 factions. Camping is bs though.

I think the idea of debuffing ninja's is great but I don't think it's as simple as suggested. If you're killing a mob and someone tries to get your node, the mob runs over to them...then you try to get the node and it runs back to you...repeat till mob is dead and someone gets lucky? Or maybe the agro switch only works once? Still tricky with timing. The ninja could just wait until your 2 seconds from killing the mob and grab your node, You'd have to try fighting the mob directly on top of the node so you can immediately click the node. Maybe nodes should just be tied to a mob's loot table if the mob is real close to the node. So you have to decide if the node is free or tied to the mob depending on how close they are. Don't know, tricky mechanics. I was AOE farming shoveltusks and a player came over and tried to skin them as I was looting/skinning. "didn't know you were skinning" they say after they take one or two and you pst them. "You didn't notice them disappearing one by one loser?!" I always ask before skinning if another player is close. It seems looting takes precedence over skinning when you're clicking on a pile of corpses. So you loot several before you start skinning usually. If they just put a delay of 30 seconds before allowing other players to skin your kill it would prevent that. Anyway, it's in Blizz's best interest to keep everybody happy so I wish they'd come up with a ninja solution.

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 1 - BlizzCon Polar Bear Mount {WoW}

Nov 12th 2008 6:24PM Love to have the mount!