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The Queue: Steam tip {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2010 4:01PM /Agree!!!

The Random Dungeon Finder is a tool used to find a "random" group of people to run a dungeon with.

Heroic Dungeons are meant to be harder to the point where people need to really know what they are doing and work together (focus on "work together").

Just because you CAN queue for a heroic dungeon with the random dungeon finder does not mean you SHOULD.

I personlly think the RDF is an excellent tool but am also in the camp that finds it utterly useless at the moment due to "bad habits" developed through Wrath's easier dungeon content componded with severly out-geared players. I am hopeful that it will fix itself eventually.

The Queue: Monster {WoW}

Dec 20th 2010 12:19PM "Are they doing anything about the astounding queue times for Cataclysm dungeons? Two hours without a hit is a tad too long I think."

I played a Priest (Disc) healer in WotlK and took a break from raiding / dungeoning between expansions. I would love to use the random dungeon finder and queue up an additional healer but am hesitant due to the "go-go-go...healer sucks" rants I fully expect as I relearn how to play my class (which has changed a lot) in dungeon runs.

After a DPS waits 2hrs to get into a dungeon run they generally have 0 patients for giving a healer a couple pulls to relearn the flow of things especially after the disservice Wrath heroics did to players patience. The impression I've received is that everybody is expected to be at their end-game best even when queuing for a lvl 81 regular dungeon.

The Queue: Make a note {WoW}

Dec 9th 2010 2:29PM BC expansion = Outland (lvl 61-70), 2 new races
Wrath expansion = Northrend (lvl 71-80), 1 new hero class (lvl 55+)
Cata expansion = Azeroth (Lvl 1-60), Azeroth (Lvl 81-85), 2 new races

Stories of accomplishment are more interesting to read/share than stories of mundane tasks. Sites like WoW Insider and MMO Champion are reporting on the bleeding edge accomplishments. They are ignoring the millions of stories of teh players who are below level 85.

Players should not judge the success or failure of an expansion in the first couple days based on what other bleeding edge players are doing. They should instead judge it based on their level of enjoyment. Based on what I've seen teh content added in Cata will stay fresh much longer than that added in Wrath as long as you enjoy the pre-End game expereince. If end game is all you care about jury is still out on that until we see how it progresses.

Guild size cap and the WoW Insider reader guild {WoW}

Oct 7th 2010 3:37PM The quoted poem was a statement on apathy towards the decisions made by those in power. Yes It is attributed to originally being used with respect to what the Nazi regime was doing in Germany. But that does not mean that anytime anybody quotes what is actually a rather valid observation that they are comparing something to Nazi Germany.

The level of magnitude of actions between Blizzard limiting Guild size and what the Nazi's did with people of certain religious and ethinic backgrounds is vastly different the underlying point that is being made is the same.

"If something seems wrong, even if it doesn't effect you today you should not ignore it becuase it may effect you in the future and it will be harder to prevent once a precident has been set"

Now all that said, I personally have a couple toons in AIE which is an awesome environment, but I understand Blizzard is making the change for technical reasons. Currently there is a bug that larget guilds live with dealing with members over 500. Blizzard is adding A LOT of new features and functionality to guilds and determined the path they would take is to put a hard cap on guilds at a specific level so the new features work. Does this suck for larger guilds? Yes. Is it a community/game destroyer? No.

Today guilds like AIE often use custom mods to bring certain functionality to the table like in guild LFG or Tradeskills searching. From what I've seen of the upcoming Guild changes these things are all being added to the basic game interface. I would assume that with a little time mods will come about to take advantage of these new features and port them to for cross-guild sharing. The end result will most likely end up with more focused sub-guilds and a bunch of mods/custom chat channels.

Blizzard's responses on the Real ID situation {WoW}

Jul 6th 2010 10:59PM Everybody will have a "RealID", it will be your real name on your registered email address. This is required.

Posting on the new forums will be optional, but if you choose to partake then you will be using your real name.

Adding/Accepting friends for in-game RealID chat will be optional.

Cataclysm raid progression refinements {WoW}

Apr 26th 2010 1:21PM I've seen a couple observations against this change and I do not entirely understand them other than a "this is bad because it's different" standpoint.

OBSERVATION: This will lead to faster player burnout as content gets stale since 10 and 25 man versions are effectively the same now.

One could speculate that it will take longer for content to get stale if your running something once a week instead of twice a week (10 or 25 man vs 10 and 25).

OBSERVATION: 25-man guilds will slowly die throughout expansion as players migrate to 10-man runs instead

I anticipate this will happen just as Arena participation dropped when Blizzard shuffled up how Arena points were distributed. Players who run 25-man solely for the better gear will most likely transition to 10-man runs over time. In both cases the change was made to take away perceived rewards that was too good to pass up for playing in a manner that was not as enjoyable.

Reasons to run 25-man not affected by this change:
- Some players prefer the social interaction of 24 other players

- Some players have many friends/guild mates on line that they like to run with and 10 man dungeons aren't big enough. (Picture having 12 friends consistently online who like to run together, 25-man content is better for you as long as you can find 13 other people to run it with regularly)

- Some roles get more forgiving in 25-man content, like healing for example. I play a Disc/Holy priest and can say that healing a 10 man is far less forgiving than a 25-man due to the number of healers backing you up

Reasons to run 25-man affected by this change:
- I want the best loot and it drops in 25-man. - Now you can run either 10 or 25 man, this is a win for you unless you run both each week to increase your odds of getting a drop. In that case it sounds like 25-man will be better for you still.

- I love to raid and enjoy running both 10 and 25-man content weekly - Unfortunatly this category of players gets shafted unless they run alts through raids. On the flip side this could be looked at as a boon towards gearing up alts as it encourages running multiple characters to accomplish your goal.

- I want my guild to be highest on progression on the server - this one is interesting. It extends "Bring the Player not the Class" to "Bring the Quality not the Quantity". Now the big 25-man guilds that traditional envelope high quality players from smaller guilds may find themselves competing head on with them.

In the end it comes down to the question, why do you run 25-man raids? Is it for the best gear, the epic feel of 24 other people, to run with more than 9 other friends, server status?