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What do you expect from a WoW movie? {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 6:44PM Okay, the only one I can think of that was decent was Silent Hill. Like it or hate it, they kept the exact same feel as the game, the music wasn't changed, and the monsters were perfectly recreated.

What do you expect from a WoW movie? {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 2:33PM "Bikini mail? WTH is bikini mail?"

Yeah, personally I want the Horde to be handled fairly and would have loved to see what the The Gamers guys could have done with this with an actual budget.

What do you expect from a WoW movie? {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 2:14PM You said the words "Uwe Boll". Here's your hair shirt, honey, and box of fire ants. Get busy with the self flagellation, you know the drill. The poo flinging monkeys will join you shortly.

I'm tickled that Sam is on board. I have to admit, though, that everytime I think WoW movie all I can see in my head is "Illegal Danish". Bruce Campbell doing "Arcanite Reaper HOOOOOOOOOO!" anyone?

The Queue: Snape, snape {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 2:03PM @Jows's another hint - Learn to read. It was clearly stated "other than giving them no honor". Seriously people.

Raid Rx: Settling the over healing question {WoW}

Jul 19th 2009 7:01PM I agree. We actually had a shaman who refused to use chain heal 90% of the time because he was afraid of OH.

As a holy priest doing raid heals, I look at the OH meter, but my biggest concern is what tops my overheals list. If it's CoH, PoH, Renew or my glyphs ticking, I don't care so much. It's still far more mana efficient for me to PoH when 4 of the 5 need a heal than to spam 4 flash heals. When I see greater and flash topping out it almost invariably means that the tank healer is moving too slow and the OT and raid healers are jumping in to keep the tank from dropping. I'm screwing up and adjust accordingly.

Unfortunately, people still look at that and if you call out for an innervate to judge effectiveness. We started Uld10 undergeared (due to lack of enough people/decent pug material to do 25) so mana was a real issue. I've been called out for sending in my mana beast early in a fight (so that I have it up for the next usage when it gets really dire) and even for HoH on downtime (ex. heart mode on XT). I just don't understand it.

Holy priests are at the worst end and it will only get worse. With the nerfs that already came to spirit and the upcoming ones to replenishment and to the highest mana cost spell in the game (PoH, our bread and butter) we will continue to have the most difficult time managing mana. The fact that I don't OOM to the point of not healing means that I've learned my class enough to use every trick in the book to keep the raid and the tanks up.

If you are one of those people who don't understand healing (or haven't played one, but think that you do) educate yourself further and look...actually LOOK where the overheals are going, meaning targets and types of heal. You may find that your tank healer isn't doing as well as you thought. I can still remember one of our healers talking about how great his healing efficiency was and everyone nodding approvingly while if you looked at the target heals, better than 50% of the heals on his tank target were provided by the raid healer.

Drama Mamas: Of phone calls and slanderers {WoW}

Jul 18th 2009 1:01AM Paris Hilton apparently answers her phone while boinking random men on the hood of cars, too and feels it's not disrespectful.

Applause applause The Claw! You are dead on!

The exact analogy I used was if you have friends over for dinner you might answer the phone to make sure it's nothing urgent then tell the caller you have company and will return the call. If you have people over for dinner, answer the phone then go off into another room abandoning your guests while you talk about their latest purchase, it's the same thing.

Craig you are looking for an argument, I believe and making up opposing positions that don't exist. Actually it's kind of fitting given that you come off as one of those jackasses I stand behind trying to get something off of a shelf in the grocery store while you block the way all the time having some idiotic cell phone conversation along the lines of "Yeah, so now I'm getting the 2%, what are you doing?" who act anally violated when I ask them to excuse me since they can't multitask enough to have vacuous conversation and locate the item they need at the same time.

My real life comes first, as well, but I also have some respect for the other people I've committed to and don't feel that missing a "yakk" call is going to end my world.


Drama Mamas: Of phone calls and slanderers {WoW}

Jul 17th 2009 6:16PM It's amazing how you two continue to miss the point no matter how often and clearly it's spelled out for you. No one has ever suggested that you should not answer a call that is an emergency or even answer the phone to ensure that it is not. Do so, but if you consider your buddy wanting to yack or your girlfriend sitting on the phone asking repeatedly "so what are you doing?" for 1/2 hour while people wait for you acceptable, you just might be an ass.

It's the same way you should act if you had guests in your home. If you have friends sitting around the table having dinner and talking and the phone rings, you pick it up, see if it's important and, if it's not you let them know you have company and will call back later. Why is this such a difficult concept? If you are the guy who leaves your guests sitting at a cold plate while you listen to some friend of yours who suffers from attention whore syndrome and can't get through the grocery store without sharing every moment on a cell phone then you should probably not only forget raiding, but ensure you answer that call about scheduling your labotomy completion.

If you're too embarassed to say you're playing a video game, just say you are right in the middle of something and ask if you can call back. Grow the hell up and quit trying to make this an overserious player thing.

WoW gamer threatens to blow up plane {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 5:30PM @Amaxe

What does that even mean? Poor grammar combined with half considered thoughts that really are not self apparent, if that's what you were going for. Please, continue to psuedointellectualize and correct others on this board. It's amusing.

WoW gamer threatens to blow up plane {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 5:20PM Your inner grammar nazi should try consulting with your inner pun detector and see if it, too is on the fritz. You've honestly never heard this name for them before? Get out more.

WoW gamer threatens to blow up plane {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 4:55PM FauxNews should have a field day with this one.

"First it was the cyberterrorists targeting individuals for the "lulz" on 4Chan, now World of Warcraft trains terrorists through quests that teach you how to infiltrate secure areas, create bombs and even deadly biological agents. Working for "apothecaries" in a place called Undercity, our fine American youth are being encouraged to carry out terrorism against their own. Jesus wept! Now a preview of the next talking head who will discuss this ad nauseaum *shot of some bigoted retard with his head spinning in circles calling everyone jerks, terrorists, and anti-American* Join him with his panel of true Americans - crackwhore psycho witch, fat philanderer, and naughty naughty kiddie porn guy"