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Epic 2h Tanking Weapons from Blacksmithing {WoW}

Dec 19th 2008 5:44PM Levelled BS thinking it would be decent, and all I get is 3 extra sockets -_-'
Granted, they help a bit, but I could have gone JC and gotten more stam from BoP gems, plus one hell of a sexy stam trinket and a shietload more HP than what I can get as BS.

Still a rather useless profession, and cost a shitload to level.

PTRs back up for more testing mayhem {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 8:31PM I heard somewhere that the threat created by Righteous Fury for pallies is going to get increased? Anyone know anything about this ...

Breakfast Topic: Phattest Northrend loot {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 5:57PM 10 man Naxx.
Wednesday - Heroes' Legs + Chest, The Skull of Ruin and Abomination Shoulderguards
Thursday - Repelling Charge (hotsauce!) and 3 pieces of plate healing gear.
Yay for offspec gear!

Spent almost 1k gold on wednesday enchanting and gemming :(

The Queue: Momma said knock you out {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 5:52PM Tard.

Judgement of Light to cause no threat in 3.0.8 {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 5:39PM JoW ftw. Other pally gets light.

If you really really need the threat from JoL, step down from tankadin.

Wrath Dailies: Aces High! {WoW}

Dec 17th 2008 9:56PM Now if only they did that with the Teron fight -_-'

Sprucing up your commenter icon on WoW Insider {WoW}

Dec 17th 2008 9:02PM kind of annoying getting a random password in your email when you're at work and gmail is blocked :(

Ask WoW Insider: The new look of Northrend {WoW}

Dec 15th 2008 7:43PM Have you SEEN the paladin T7 shoulders.
Enough to make me refuse to use them and wait for non-tier boss drops.
Plus everything looks the same, is brown/grey/black and everything is spiky.

You see a priest coming at you with a spiky club, spikey shoulders, spiky dress. That's just not right.
And then theres the shoulders I've got on my pally. I've upgraded them 3 or 4 times now, but you wouldn't be able to tell because they still look like bulky leather shoulders with spikes, even though they are plate.

Pre-BC you could tell plate was plate, cloth was cloth, etc. Hell, even most of the BC gear you could tell the class by the gear. Now its all the same style and colours.

Breakfast Topic: To re-customize or not {WoW}

Dec 12th 2008 1:28AM More unnecessary stuff to waste money on. That said, we're playing a game you pay to play monthly.
I've had mostly male characters since first starting the game. Male Nelf hunter, male troll rogue, male UD priest, male tauren shaman. Gets a bit old after a while. Rolled a female BE pally, and personally think the female model looks better than the male. Less gay atleast.

Ghost Wolf: The newest, rarest pet {WoW}

Dec 11th 2008 1:12AM Lower rank doesn't matter any more?
Last I saw, lower ranked spells cost more than highest ranked spells.