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Guildwatch: "This is not a f$#(ing joke" {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2009 4:28PM i c u

The Daily Quest: Of goodbyes and Ulduar progression {WoW}

Apr 21st 2009 3:03AM I'm in a 25-man raiding guild but we did set aside one night for 10-man raids. We ran 3 groups through. One ended early (I believe they got up to Hodir) and the other two cleared up to Mimiron before calling it for the night.

From our groups experience on the 10-mans, the first bosses are certainly the easiest. We all initially skipped Ignis and Razorscale at first so we could see the later bosses but my group returned later and pushed them over without a problem.

I would have to say that the most difficult was Mimiron (we didn't get to Vezax and Yogg) and the next most difficult was Freya. We were all a little new to Thorim at the time as we hadn't downed him yet in 25-man so we took a few wipes and tweaked our strategy a bit before we got it.

Also, pre-nerf Ignis on 25-man was a cockblock. Really, it was frustrating. It took us about 3hrs to take him down. Post-nerf Ignis on 10-man was a joke.

Guildwatch: A kinder, gentler GW {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2009 12:13AM Might as well check here since I'm looking for a new guild.

I'm a NE resto druid considering a transfer to another server for an opportunity to raid in a top end guild. Top 3 on server preferably. I have to admit, my requirements are pretty restricting (time wise). I work somewhat late so raid times would have to be at about 10:30 EST, 9:30 CST, 8:30 MST, 7:30 PST, etc for me to be consistently on time. I would like the guild to have cleared sarth 3D at least several times and ready to go in Ulduar. PTR raiding would be a bonus. I don't really expect any serious recruitment inquiries here, but I'll keep looking. If anybody knows of a guild like this, let me know. I'd appreciate it.

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