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Breakfast Topic: What we don't know {WoW}

Oct 20th 2009 12:54PM I stumbled accross this accidentally... If you pick a flight from say orgrimmar to tanaris, and realise you forgot something, just log out and back in, you will land at the next flight point!

Addon Spotlight: Eye Candy {WoW}

Nov 13th 2008 2:57PM @9 + 11 :-

as mentioned in the article;

buttonfacade:- is responsible for changing the look of your actionbar buttons, in the screen shot, changing them to circles, it also has many other cool options so give it a look

sunnArt:- is responsible for changing the view area, giving you blank space at any edge of the screen you want. You can also change it the blank screen to be a graphic of some sort

sexyminimap or simpleminimap:- are both great mods for your minimap, both do the same thing but the latter is much more simplistic (like the one in the screenshot)

Bartender4:- this is an actionbar mod, you can create and easily organise action bars into any shape/size you want. Works with buttonfacade

Omen:- is a threat meter, shown in the top right of the screenshot, useful in raids/instances

ElksBuffBars:- changes the way your buffs are displayed on screen, includes countdown timers and percentages (in the form of progress bars) shown bottom right of the top screen

Fubar:- the little black border at the top of the screenshot, with various info. Search for fubar on, there are tons of extra mods that go into fubar, a few handy ones are Performance_fu moneyfu

Honorable mentions:
agunitframes changes the look and feel of your profile bars and those of your party

ArcHUD - heads up display surrounding your character, shows many things such as player health/mana/rage/energy etc.