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Breakfast Topic: Do you actually enjoy PUGs? {WoW}

Jan 30th 2011 11:02AM I am finding myself playing less and less due to the PuG situation and the fact that - at least in my guild - I'm seeing a 'guild within a guild' mentality crop up which I haven't seen since BC.

We have a serious lack of tanks in my guild and an overabundance of dps. So, we have little 'cliques' which only run with each other, literally the same four people running together rotating one guildie as they see fit until another of their friends logs on. So, the majority of the dps in our guild have to PuG if they want to see content. Unfortunately, those of us who PuG are seeing the same thing - *if* we're lucky, we might get the first boss in a heroic down, but generally speaking, we wind up with tanks who think they can still Wrath pull, healers who aren't used to focused healing and actually having to pay attention, and dps who have no concept of crowd control. The players who do have a handle on this zoomed through content the first month and are too busy raiding to be bothered with heroics, so we're stuck with players who think this is still Wrath-level content and don't read strategies.

I've given up PuGs and pretty much log on to pvp or chat with my friends, but my subscription expires in February, and I think I'll be taking a break until Rift comes out. I don't like the state of the WoW community right now - even in my own guild - and I think after six years of WoW, a month's break would do me good.

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Breakfast Topic: Your random dungeon experiences {WoW}

Dec 14th 2009 8:21AM I've been jumping into randoms both feet first since last Tuesday. I've actually been enjoying the pugs I've been on, but sadly, I'm finding the behavior of those from my own server to be worse than the 'strangers' I've run into in pugs.

Breakfast Topic: When will you quit playing WoW? {WoW}

Nov 27th 2009 12:37PM I've played since release, and in all honesty, I've watched my interest in the game dwindle slowly over the last year. It's not because of anything Blizz did *wrong*; it's more that other things in my life are taking priority during the time I'd usually be playing (example: I worked an insane amount of overtime the last two weeks to make up for the short week this week. When I came home at night, the one thing I did *not* want to do was boot up a computer - because I've been staring at one for twelve hours!)

Believe me, even as a casual player, I have plenty to keep me busy in game, but lately, I just haven't felt much like doing them. It's probably pre-3.3 malaise, but who knows.

I suspect my days of WoW will finally come to an end when even on days when I'm not working overtime, I don't feel like booting up the computer.

Preparing for BlizzCon: Reserve your lodging ASAP {WoW}

Jun 17th 2009 5:35PM ART shuttles are your friend - They run as far out as Katella (possibly further) and pull straight into Disneyland; the Convention Center is on the main route. Honestly, it's been a few years since I've been to Anaheim, but I don't think many hotels offer shuttles to Disneyland anymore.

The OverAchiever: Completing Nothing Boring about Borean {WoW}

Jan 16th 2009 8:08AM Make sure to talk to the gnome at Wymrest Temple in Dragonblight. She'll give you a quest to talk to Corastrasza, who's above Nexus, and that quest line counts toward Nothing Boring about Borean.

MMOGology: Can Wrath keep us entertained? {Massively}

Dec 10th 2008 2:20PM I'm in the same boat the author is...I'm a working mom who plays late nights. My 'main' warlock is level 73, and my 'new main' DK is 68....but the ultra-casual guild I'm an officer in already has nearly 20 level 80's! No, this doesn't mean they've reached all there is in the game and all that's left is raiding, but I can tell the 80's are already feeling bored of stepping up to help the under-80's catch up. All the other officers (who are all level 80 now) talk about is Naxx. The only topics which come up in gchat now are the level 80 zones. It's really becoming frustrating for those of us who are purposely taking our time - either out of enjoyment of the game or because of circumstance. I, too, wouldn't be surprised to see my guild break off into multiple guilds down the road at the rate things are going - which is sad, but at the same time, natural progression, I guess.

Breakfast Topic: The tanking shortage {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2008 8:17AM Well, I can tell you right now part of the issue is that those newly rolled DK's basically did what they could to get to 80...and as a result, skipped over several opportunities to learn to tank and start building a starter tank set. Utgarde is a great run, but a level 68 DK really isn't built to tank that instance without a decent tanking set. But par for course, folks wanted to be in ZOMG NORTHREND with all their buddies. Peer pressure is a powerful thing.

Additionally, I agree, many are rerolls who played DPS prior to Wrath.

I suddenly don't feel so bad that I'm leveling my DK slowly and tanking 1-2 BC instances per week to help guildies and learn the mechanics of tanking before I get to Northrend.