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Breakfast Topic: Will work for Blizz {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2009 9:53AM "Never make a career out of what you love."

People say this because they assume you will get burnt out and then loose two things for the price of one. I disagree. Do something you love and you will want to do it each day. I would have to imagine that being a GM is going to be completely different than actually playing the game and therefore would not cripple your actual PLAY TIME.

So, yes, I would gladly give both of my arms and both of my legs and bang away on a keyboard with my forehead to work for Blizzard.

Account security mythbusting {WoW}

Dec 31st 2008 5:15PM True. I might have and I did forget on little addon you need for Firefox to make it more effective.....


This does not allow you to see any scripts that you yourself do not authorize. So, that flash ad....nope.

Sorry I did not add this to my last post.


Account security mythbusting {WoW}

Dec 31st 2008 3:25PM I have two issues with this article.

1. If hackers hacked Blizzards database they would take credit cards? With the thousands upon thousands of accounts being hacked, do you see the Feds peaking their noses into anything? No. If suddenly thousands upon thousands of credit cards suddenly started getting used do you think the feds would wonder what was going on? YOU BET. It's not illegal to use someone elses account. It's not illegal to sell off and shard everything they have. It goes against the EULA, but it's not illegal and any jailtime kind of way.

So, make money and stay out of jail or make money and go to jail? The choice is simple I believe.

Okay, so I really only had one thing to contend. However, I am one of the innocent people that never used power leveling companies, never bought gold, and do not go to sites on the internet that might install keyloggers.....or so I thought. I was hacked twice.

Now I use three free programs to ensure that hacking never happens again.

AVAST Anti-Virus
COMODO firewall
Mozilla Firefox

These three free programs I believe will ensure a more complete security for your computer and you WoW account.

And to someones point about copy and pasting your account password....there are all kinds of keyloggers and iformation stealers that are so unobtrusive that your regular anti-virus program will no pick them up.

-Virtual Desktops - the hacker can see what you see and interact with your computer while you are on it without you seeing anyone doing it.

-Akin to the VD, there are also programs that recognize recently created documents and can zip the text information contained within to someone operating at a remote location.

-And last, there are also keyloggers that recognize keys pressed when operating in a specific program. So, when you start up WoW, it clicks in and starts to operate at that time.

Ghostcrawler: If you're 80, you're hardcore {WoW}

Dec 6th 2008 11:54AM To say that since you are level 80 at this point, you are hardcore is just absurd. Within the WoW concept, there are many different games. You have one path that can lead you down the PvP arena road. Can someone it a hardcore level in this? Sure.

Another path could lead you down the questing and leveling road. In my opinion, this is the game and takes no level is hardcore playing to do. People can level at their leisure and can do any number of other casual things while meandering around the game. No, hardcore comes after that. Endgame PvP comes after leveling as does this other path, the path of endgame raiding.

I have seen any number of people that can level like there is no tomorrow, but you place that same person in an endgame raid, and they don't know their left from their right. Hardcore comes from being able to pick an optimal spec that no only compliments your raid layout, but also maximizes your talent, be it dps, healing, or tanking. So, to GC's comment that if you are already 80, you are hardcore....nay.

Someone that has leveled to 70 obviously will understand the structure by which to level quickly. Grab all the hub quests, do them, tur them all in, move on. Does this make you hardcore. No.

Admittedly, with the normalization within the game, endgame will not be more ACCESSIBLE to casual players. Blizzard is telling the people that rail because of this...."Well, have you tried doing it this way to get an achievement? This makes it harder you know." (that is not a direct quote, sorry for the " "'s) So, in essence, what Blizz is saying is...ONE TIME, that one time you get the achievement it will be harder. After that, there is no incentive to do it that way any longer so now you are back on easy mode with everyone else. Isn't there something fundamentally BROKEN about that? To me that's akin to putting everyone in special education but telling us to make it harder, read the paper upside down.

If Blizzard continues down this path of accessibility, I fear that many people will be turned away. Doesn't it mean something that the subscription base is 11 million people? Doesn't it count for something that all these people started before ACCESSIBILITY? Why dumb it down now? There is little to strive for if everyone can do everything with relative ease.

Countdown to Wrath giveaway: Day 2 - Razer DeathAdder mouse {WoW}

Nov 11th 2008 11:33PM Pick ME, Pick ME.....I'm worthy!!!!! Well, I'm kidding, I'm NOT WORTHY