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BlizzCon 2010: Classic dungeon changes in patch 4.1 {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 6:49PM Better yet... start everyone at 85, with a full set of T11. And make all bosses soloable (no queues at all!), with down-scaling so that if they kill you then they have less health next time. And all bosses are in the "Dungeon Finder", you just select the boss you want to kill, immediately teleport to him, kill, loot the pinata, and teleport back. FUN!

Oh, and you should automatically get any pet/mount/item in the game you want, why waste player's time having them have to trot off somewhere.

VOA is the future (without the trash... and with soloable bosses... and that long run to Archavon??, please teleport past that... and without the need to actually "travel" there...)


Breakfast Topic: Missed Dungeon Opportunities {WoW}

Jan 5th 2010 12:12PM I realize I may be the odd man out, but what I think has been lacking is the epic-scale feel of instances like BRD and Dire Maul. Frankly, I find "instances" you can "knock out" in fifteen minutes boring. I mean, why even bother? Why not reduce all instances to the glorified loot pinata-ness of VoA? Just put the final boss at the end of an empty hallway and be done with it. Instead, the lore, the scope, the amazing visuals of places like BRD are more than worth it to want me to spend an evening immersing myself in rather than "farming" emblems (and don't even get me started on the "all trash pulls are simply AOE fests" thing)...

Tuesday Morning Post: Icecrown and Hallow's End edition {WoW}

Oct 20th 2009 9:51AM Agree. To save a lot of headache, they should just have had everyone "/roll" for the achievement (say if you rolled a 1-2, you get the title, if you roll 3-100 you do not). It amounts to the same thing.

What exactly does this achievement reward? Blind luck. That's all. You could Trick or Treat every hour on the hour for the entire two week duration, run the Horseman every day (even find groups that take you along once you've used your summon) and not get this. On the other hand, you could log the first Sunday, get both RNG drops that morning, and be done by lunch.

At least with "School of Hard Knocks", I knew that if I didn't get it (I did) it was on me. This one just says "roll a die to determine if you get this achievement". Plain and simple.

The Queue: Legendaries are for suckers {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 11:23AM In talking the other day about seeing most old world and BC "endgame" content made mostly irrelevant, we had the idea of making all the drops in pre-WotLK raids Bind to Account. This would give the incentive to higher level players to revisit Kara and MC (e.g.) to obtain items from alts they are leveling. Since these items are easily replaceable as one levels, they are not really "game breakers" anymore, but could be nice novelty items or cool-looking options for players to use who otherwise may never see them. With more 80s returning to UBRS or Sunwell Plateau, this would also improve the odds of players with lower-level alts to find runs to see this content. Blizzard did such a great job with these areas, its a shame to see so many new players pass to 80 without ever seeing them (lore wise as well), often despite attempts at finding runs. I'd have reservations about spending my time running MC on my 80 shaman when I could be gearing in Naxx, but if it meant the potential of getting Earthshaker for my lowbie pally, I'd do it happily. What do you think? Good idea? Possible?

Lichborne: Death Knight Tanking {WoW}

Nov 17th 2008 2:14PM To all of you who have had recent bad experiences with Death Knights, let me apologize on behalf of my brothers and sisters.

As someone who is taking great pains to learn the new class, who is actually asking those in his instance runs to slow down so that he can learn and/or practice the mechanics (and ensure a good run for all), and who always takes the time to try to group with people in questing areas to avoid quest competition, I want to ensure you all that there are decent, good folk out there playing Death Knights.

In the zones, the problem is not that there are too many Death Knights, its that there are too many players. Period. Even on the shores on Valiance Keep, with nary a DK to be found (mostly), the competition for quest kills has turned most players into beasts. After standing and waiting for a respawn of Gamel the Cruel, and asking several times if anyone wanted to group to avoid waits, right as Gamel spawned a mage zipped up and hit Arcane Explosion. No offer to group, and so I whispered, "why didn't you at least invite me? you had to see me standing right here!" The mage replied, and I quote, "LOL welcome to the expansion NOOB!"

It may be that the army of Death Knights ravaging the Outlands make the class seem inconsiderate, but my experience is that a similar army of druids would provoke the same. Mob mentality, I suppose.

In the instances, even AS a death knight I am appalled by the chaos. All I can say is, do not tolerate a bad death knight any more than you'd tolerate a bad shaman or warrior. The more people tolerate the chaos, the less inclined these players will be to sit down and learn the mechanics. Treat a tanking DK the same way you'd treat a tanking warrior/pally. If s/he forces wipes, boot him or her and find a replacement. But please, do not look down on the class as a whole. There are idiots in every class, and good players as well.

What Blizzard did right (and wrong) with the world event {WoW}

Nov 14th 2008 2:57PM My two cents (apart from saying "I agree" to most of your analysis).

Where Blizzard failed with regards to the Invasion was in the level of unplayability wrought onto lowbies. Personally, I would have opted for "whatever zone you die in, you become a zombie with a level appropriate for that zone". Thus, players leveling in Darkshore would stand a greater chance of fending off the onslaught of 70s who really (you have to admit) got their rocks off doing nothing but harassing lowbies. While "fun" for them, for sure, their fun came at the expense of making play miserable for others. Some balance should have been found here. Players wanting to grief Darkshore would have had to return to Shatt to be zombified there (if they wanted to retain higher level status) and then re-trek to Auberdine.

Also I agree that involving players in the quest to find the cure would have gone a long way to mitigating the frustrations felt by many trying to level for the new expansion. How about an Epic Trinket (heck, even a special "Tabard of Argent Purity") for anyone who did not kill another player while Zombified? Have the Argent Dawn reward those who remained pure even when inflicted with the Scourge. (Conversely, have those who ransacked as Zombies lose Argent Dawn rep, maybe to levels their alts would have to really work and grind hard to earn redemption?)

I guess my central point is that the event was "fun" only for a few, and left nothing but misery for others. Blizz should have found a way to compensate or balance that, so that those lowbies who were griefed mercilessly by bored 70s who corpse and npc camped low-level zones would have something positive to show for it.. as well as some chance to actually fight back.