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The OverAchiever: Why Icecrown was less fun than Sunwell {WoW}

Aug 26th 2011 8:40AM Achievements are for a year (or at minimum late in a patch) after you've done content, in progression terms, acheivements mean absolutely zero, nada nothing.....if you get one "wha was that, sweet"...

Over 13000, and i dont worry about achieves till two patches later....they do nothing to stunt 'current' tier progression/raids....

Blood Sport: Arena should be more like rated battlegrounds {WoW}

Apr 7th 2011 11:23AM There is clearly a bug with personal ratings (GM confirmed), I am not even close to an arena master quality of player and most of my rated bg team has AM. I lose points consistently (at 1800), and not a single person in my guild has EVER lost one single point despite most being over 400 personal rating higher than me and pushing 2500.

Sad thing is if they fix it for everyone else so that people do lose points, then everyone in my guild will have every achive and title from RBGs except that top top one. Hmm maybe that's how they got AM from buggin it in the first 2 weeks of cata when the entire arena MMR was broken.

Oh well, gg blizz.

The Daily Quest: Addons and accessories {WoW}

Mar 31st 2011 7:50AM Buy some black holes geesh! (winks)

Breakfast Topic: Have rated battlegrounds met your expectations? {WoW}

Mar 8th 2011 11:09AM Conceptually, RBG's are potentially the best part of the whole game, but ultimately one of the worst experiences to date. Implmentation of rateds is dreadfully sub-par.

I like personal rating, should be extended to arena so I can swap teams to help friends without starting over.

Frankly pve is hard enough to organise and now this? Bring in some real LFG/RAID/PVP group finder tools or bag the whole lot for solo joining.

I appreciate blizz wants us on all the time as it is a for profit business, but some love for the casual players please, you might actually find your player base grows with proper implementation.

Certainly all the chat on my server is not touching RBGs with a barge pole until more people can actually participate.

DeAngelo Hall's Fingers (And Shoes) {Redskins Blog}

Sep 15th 2009 2:40AM That's a funny place for the mouthgard in the left sock....but kewl shoes, he needs some [witchin] colored compression sleeves for the fingaz to match.....

Breakfast Topic: How is your PvP Battlegroup doing? {WoW}

Nov 17th 2008 1:17AM * 10 toons (all alliance) - all types - 2 hunters
* all 10 have done all bgs at:
* 19s
* 29s
* now 39s
* most of my toons not fully twinked, only what i can afford myself (trading stuff and $ to other toons etc...)
* suspect i've done well over 10,000bgs easy...easy...
* full 100 marks for each bg (plus having spent on gear)
* All toons have battlestandards and full bg gear
* obviously i'm only in wsg and arathi at present...
* I now gear 100 marks in advance so when i hit next bracket i'm at least geared with some basic chants (that i can now trade to my alts - ty inscription!)
* Being 100 marks in advance does help as you tend to get more honour straight away instead of having to work your way through it (but let me tell you that first lot of getting in advance was a grind!)
* level observations - 19 - seemed harder than now, but mostly the grinding for marks at 29 in advance - seemed the diff between twinks and the rest way more exaggerated, it was a lot harder to get to 19 with gear without clicking to 20.
* level 29 - seemed ok in wsg, arathi was a bitter pill (cause of that quest to draw noobs in, they got that and left)
* level 39 - finding my feet (finally!), can have a major influence on wsg, have no control over herding cats in arathi it's pure luck if we get a win
* 39 arathi - we get lead and get like 4 bases - then seem to have gotten greedy and lose
* Bloodlust bg (I'm Nagrand)
* Am in Perth Australia - best time i've found is late night (hypothesis - all the kiddies in Sydney have gone to bed)
* daytime and weekend days are terrible for losing, so i wait till night when all the geeks come
* Seem to get runs of wins/losses - can't pick
* Bonus honour weekends mostly seem bad, but sometimes get a good run.
* Stats from new achievement panel show not good for Arathi, but ok for WSG, too early to tell.
* Also too easy to skip out on obvious loss when i have 10 toons - this may sway stats, but i dont quit unless it's obvious (see well over 10,000 bgs!)
* Most times seems to be everyone jerking around in arathi till they get into WSG as it tends to be favorable...
* We get LOTS of noob 31s, 30s, 32 with no gear and no trinkets etc...(I highly suspect the achievement thing as of late has brought them out of the wood work - cause before only the people that seemed to know what bgs were - and prepared for them - some noob 31 says whats warsong gulch achievements? and come...)
* If i'm right on the achievement thing, it has exaserbated the problem because there seems to be like 10,000 diff alliance but i see the same old tired horde twinks day after day - didn't horde get wrath? Go get ya deathknight hordies!
* I suspect it's partly perception, but most of the people that come on alli side STINK....some rare peeps that i see often and we tend to form a side group (cause grouping is unheard of) and protect each other.
* I absolutely love bgs so i put up with noobs and low levels, but it's certainly frustrating more often than not...

Would love to see some global stats re battlegroupings at various levels etc..., percentages etc....maybe the achievement panel will help us decipher whether we are all just saying "we ALWAYS lose", seems the days we 5cap arathi or 3nil wsg no-one complains but it's so much more painful when losing by that much...

Anyways hope this adds some value to someone somewhere, I'll see you in there!!

Mangoz and 9 alts

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