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All the World's a Stage: So you want to be a Warlock {WoW}

Dec 1st 2008 2:18AM Enjoyed the article. My warlock has never been 'evil', he feels more misunderstood and thinks of himself as a shadowmage. He drifted into the 'forbidden' magic partly by accident and partly because of childhood/youth trauma. One could argue he was sort of hunted by his personal demons before learning to summon real ones. Being in his mid 30s he doesn't dwell upon morality issues anymore, but believes shadowmagic is harmless and equal to any other magic. Harnessing demons is in his mind just a way to use the Legions weapons against themselves.

He has however been suffering from strange unexplainable headaches as of late...

TwentyFifthNovember becomes Ensidia {WoW}

Nov 28th 2008 5:16PM Ofc this is news! When the two top PvE teams merge it is news, even the fact that they change the name is news. If they get sponsored, good for them! (Not sure why someone would pay though...).

I found some enjoyment in following the competition to world firsts, so yes, what Ensidia does in the future isn't that interesting as they don't have any competition. How fast they clear stuff is of no interest to me either.

Blowing thru two years of development work on a game I've been playing for 4 years in two days isn't the way I play either, but why people whine about this is beyond me. Why does this lessen your gaming experience?

I've enjoyed the new lore in Northrend with my (atm 75) main. Had a taste of DK (63) and still know that I got ample of time to get through stuff, before next expansion.

In conclusion, what Ensidia does or do not do doesn't affect my gaming and to a lesser extent be part of my interest. If you have to whine about someone else and their doings, you should get some self-esteem (and a life) of your own.

15-year-old collapses after playing Wrath for hours on no sleep or food {WoW}

Nov 18th 2008 4:58AM Apparently, the kid was part of November 25th, the guild which cleared all PvE content during weekend. (Source: father of one of the guildmembers).