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Ensidia downs Yogg-Saron {WoW}

Apr 16th 2009 2:10PM Here's the world first I want to see.
No Vent.
No playing the raid on the test realms.
No reading strategies from the people who did play on the test realm.
No addons.

Let me know when your guild clears it like that.

The Anatomy of WoW: Seven games that inspired Blizzard {Massively}

Nov 18th 2008 12:31PM No Nate. All of these games took everything from Lord of the Rings, which inspired D&D. Lord of the Rings took everything from Nordic and Germanic myth. Which I'm sure took there stuff from a Neanderthal somewhere.
Wispur. Games Workshop didn't license their IP to Blizzard because they're policy as far as other people playing in their sandbox is to have complete creative control. If a company making a game based on GW property wants to do something that GW dislikes, at all, they can't do it. GW also charges ALOT for their IP. That's also why we'll probably never see a 40k movie.
Also, Games Workshop's IP manager at the time Warcraft was being made was a moron