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The Queue: The one with the dungeons and the dragons {WoW}

Feb 14th 2011 11:13AM That episode of Community is essential viewing BTW.

Second Time's a Charm: Mercedes GP unveils its new W02 Silver Arrow {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 3rd 2011 7:12PM Even his Schumacherness in good form would have a hell of a challenge looking at the grid this year.

If he does well though it just makes it even more interesting. If the cars are more equal this year its going to be interesting.

Get a high-res look at the other stars of the Top Gear holiday special {Autoblog Archive}

Dec 27th 2010 5:28PM I hope it doesn't end up being ammunition for the anti-TG politicians. They literally look for a reason to pan the show.

I was honestly laughing till I saw how much blood there was. He really could have hurt himself seriously. I know their quite silly when they go abroad and they do all kinds of unadvisable things but I'm glad May is okay, he really genuinely could have hurt himself extremely badly and as you said if the situation was a little worse he could have been killed.

Bought back flashbacks of Hammonds crash. I guess Jeremy is next lol.

BBC: At nearly $7.30/gal and climbing, UK gas prices hit record high {Autoblog Archive}

Dec 12th 2010 6:36PM In Britain about 95% of the money we pay for petrol goes to the government in tax. It is worth noting that this is a tricky subject though. I mean on the one hand if you are relying on travelling by road things are made more expensive for you.

Having said that our complaints about higher taxes are generally muted. We actually pay higher taxes on everything(we pay 17.5% tax in general and it is going upto 20% soon). We also have taxes on the likes of alcohol.

A lot of these taxes do serve a purpose though. The tax on petrol is as much a burden as it is a gift. The tax on petrol contributes to several things.

1: Petrol prices are going up which means people will buy more fuel efficient cars. We already purchase relatively small cars with smaller carbon footprints. The rise in petrol prices has pushed more people towards hybrid cars and the likes of small city vehicles. I suppose you could look at this as being good or bad. I am personally divided about this point myself but it has always been linked to petrol prices.

2: At the moment our transport system is bloody rubbish. It never runs on time and is slow and uncomfortable. In about 2 decades we will have a fully electric train system. The idea is to make a line that runs from Edinburgh down to London. The train system should be capable of speeds of 200MPH. They won't have to pack sardines(like on a plane) and you will just be able to buy a ticket and get on(no getting fingered in the arsehole just because the scanner guy secretly thinks your cute). Petrol money is going a long way towards building this.

3: As petrol becomes more expensive bus companies, taxi companies, coach companies, delivery companies and numerous other companies basically have bigger bills and they have to pass those bills onto their customers. They now have a good incentive to get off their laurels and invest in non-petrol technology.

If you work for the Royal Mail you don't need a car that can do 150MPH. Something that can achieve the speed limit is good enough. Taxis, Buses and numerous other organisations will be going all electric eventually. Petrol prices is what got them off their lazy arses.

4: In about 2 decades we also want to build numerous nuclear power plants up and down the country. With lots of EV vehicles on the road and a pretty big train system we could do with a nuclear power plant anyway as we will be making quite a demand on that system once we rely less on fossil fuels.

From what I have read the majority of power in Britain will eventually be provided by nuclear power plants. We are only a small nation and we only have a small footprint but those nuclear power plants are extremely bloody expensive no matter how you cut it. Petrol tax alone won't cover these projects but again they are helping a lot.

To end I just want to say that I don't mind paying higher taxes as long as they are used for the good. I've been complaining about our neglect of nuclear power and the fact that we have a horrible transport system and our public services aren't using electronic vehicles.

From my perspective this horrible petrol tax may sting in the meanwhile but over the decades it will pay for itself and many times over. As long as the government don't waste my money I'm willing to give them a little more.

How Audi created the e-tron Spyder {Autoblog Archive}

Oct 24th 2010 7:14PM What a beautiful car. For Audi to go from R8 to e-tron Spyder is incredible. It must be a lot of fun working for certain departments at Audi.

Video: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is 'Absolutely Crackers!' {Autoblog Archive}

Oct 22nd 2010 8:19PM I love how hes driving around sitting in leather heated and massaging chairs in a wealth of luxury humming along and then suddenly he puts his foot down and he is accelerating at breakneck speeds.

It must be an absolutely absurd car. It looks so comfortable and luxurious. Something that you could drive your kids to school in but it also has this monster engine attached to it that gives it crazy performance credentials.

It's pretty much a billionaires saloon car on steroids. Amazing car.

Red Bull X1 prototype revealed before Gran Turismo 5 debut {Autoblog Archive}

Oct 19th 2010 11:35AM I would love to see one of these actually built.

We get a lot of the junk cars with a lot of horsepower and nothing else(thanks Aero TT) but it'd be nice to see somebody take inspiration from F1 or Ariel Atom and build a very lightweight car designed to blaze around tracks as quickly as humanly possible.

Lord of the Rings Online doubles revenue since going free-to-play {Joystiq}

Oct 7th 2010 9:48PM Double the revenue is very impressive.

I've always wondered why the free model wasn't used more often online. I mean if you look at TV shows they sometimes cost 4 or 5 million an episode and upto 100 million a 20 episode season and they make profit being on the air.

Why not make most games free to play and make money through in game advertising as well as micro transactions. There is room for abuse but there is also room for massive growth.

It will be interesting seeing the gaming industry in 20 or 30 years. I doubt many things will be recognisable.

Why the Stig outed himself {Autoblog Archive}

Sep 4th 2010 8:29PM The Stig is just a popular figure, who is behind the helmet is irrelevant. It's like Daniel Craig pulling out of the next Bond movie. It would just mean he lost a good job but some other actor would be hired to play Bond and the Bond movie would do just as well. People feel about the stig like they feel about Bond. They like the character being played but who is playing him isn't relevant.

When you combine a lot of people think this is a "bitch move" with the fact that few people are interested this is a stupid move.

BBC loses court battle to block the Stig book {Autoblog Archive}

Sep 1st 2010 3:23PM @stormsurfin

Stig is the celebrity not the driver in the suit. Whoever comes out as the stig in the book is likely to get fired but I doubt their celebrity status will increase much. If Ben Collins is indeed the Stig he might get a little bit of fame for a while but where does he go from there?

On the other hand the Stig itself will remain a brand and whoever replaces him will get a cut of the money that comes from Stig merchandise. People like the Stig but aside from curiousity have no interest in who is in that suit.