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Report: McLaren F1 successor due in 2012 {Autoblog Archive}

Jul 7th 2010 1:13PM I'm not sure how to feel about this. Excited on the one hand but there has never been a car that measured up to the F1 let alone exceed the F1. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be the one to doubt the geniuses at McLaren but maybe they should call this car something else. After all if it is dubbed as the successor to the F1 it may very well be damn near impossible to live up to that moniker.

I'm personally a big fan of the philosophies car companies like McLaren and Bugatti have chased for all these years. Hell I know no mere mortal will ever own anything either company makes but these companies used to push the envelope of what is possible all the time. I thought that era was gone. Maybe it is but it seems like McLaren and Bugatti are once again at the forefront of a new era.

Bring on the Super Veyron and F1 successor. I'll never get to drive either but its okay I can just drool over the pictures.

Video: Heroes on Heroes - Hamilton, Button visit McLaren's crypt {Autoblog Archive}

Jun 30th 2010 7:10PM That would be a hell of a garage to walk around in. Don't they also have a McLaren F1 GTR in there somewhere?

Not hard to see how much sitting in Sennas car means to Hamilton. He obviously has a huge amount of respect for Senna.

Top Gear retires Chevrolet Lacetti, toning-down stunts {Autoblog Archive}

Jun 22nd 2010 4:09PM I wouldn't read too much into this, it is coming from James May. Clarkson, May and Hammond all have creative input alongside Andy Wilman and steer the direction the show goes.

I think May probably had a few words to get himself put into a few more serious roles but I doubt it means the show is changing very much overall as Clarkson and Hammond also have creative input.

NHK prototypes one-fourth of a 116-inch, 8K plasma set (video) {Engadget}

Jun 11th 2010 12:09PM @Xstream

The average person doesn't have a 58 inch/116 inch set. If your TV is 32 inches big your not going to notice the difference between 720P and 1080P. To make matters worse if the content you are looking at is low bitrate then your going to struggle even more to tell the difference.

With a 116 inch set you are certainly going to be able to tell the diffrence between 1 megapixel, 2 megapixels and 33 megapixels. Obviously squeezing 33 megapixels into a 32 inch TV(I believe thats the most popular size in HDTVs around the world) is not going to do that resolution justice.

NHK prototypes one-fourth of a 116-inch, 8K plasma set (video) {Engadget}

Jun 11th 2010 9:48AM @Paul Elmy

lol i love when people say "OMG this is too much". I bet the first gigabyte hard drive you saw gave you a heart attack. 33 megapixels is still low by the standards of your eyes.

A little rough math:

90 degrees * 60 arc-minutes/degree * 1/0.3 * 90 * 60 * 1/0.3 = 324,000,000 pixels

120 * 120 * 60 * 60 / (0.3 * 0.3) = 576 megapixels.

Hmm yeah your eye can see quiteee a bit more than 33 megapixels. I think the team of scientists working on these displays would be fairly knowledgable about this.

I bet youd have a heart attack if you knew what the resolution of very high quality 35MM or very high quality 70MM was.

Heres a good article on the human eye:

NHK prototypes one-fourth of a 116-inch, 8K plasma set (video) {Engadget}

Jun 11th 2010 9:44AM @USApple

The resolution of the display isn't 7680x4320 that is the full Super Hi-Vision resolution. You would have to put 4 of these displays together to get 7680x4320.

The resolution of each display is 3840x2160. The real PPI of each display is about 75.

You don't really need a very high PPI with a TV screen. The further you sit away from the display the smaller each pixel will look. If you are sitting 10 feet away from a TV the PPI is acceptable at 40 to 80.

It's only when you get closer that you start seeing pixels. For example if your looking at a photograph or display 10 inches away from your face you need about 300DPI not to see individual pixels.

For a TV you don't need such a high PPI.

Gold Capped: Using the new armory auction house {WoW}

May 26th 2010 6:58PM Drakkenfyre I think if they used that system their using with communciation(the one that allows you to talk to somebody cross-realm and in different games) it would eliminate the spam problem. If I have to confirm you as a friend before you can contact me while I am out of game it allows me to select a very narrow amount of people that can potentially whisper me.

Gold Capped: Using the new armory auction house {WoW}

May 26th 2010 6:28PM Earlier on today I was thinking itd be nice if the in game calendar could sync with Google Calendar(plus Yahoo Calendar etc etc) to show raid dates and upcoming events etc.

I think it'd be quite handy. Also would be sweet if you could enter guild chat or whisper somebody without necessarily enterering WOW.

Scattered Shots: What spec should I use? {WoW}

May 20th 2010 3:27PM Hmm I have an i264 weapon(and I hate to mention GS but) a little over 5600GS. Problem is my armpen is approximately 400(without gemming of course). Is my armpen too low to switch to MM or would I benefit swapping from SV to MM? Sorry for the idiot questions but this has got me confused. reacts to Cataclysm raid changes, page 2 {WoW}

Apr 28th 2010 11:32PM I don't understand how people can be complaining about these changes.

1: If you love 25 mans because they feel more epic then you can still do them with like minded people. On the other hand if you run 25 mans over 10 mans because you want a bigger GS and epeen when you walk around in Dalaran then maybe you should do us all a favour and stop playing. I can completely sympathise with the idea that 25 mans feel more epic and I can understand based on that logic some people would prefer to organise and run an epic 25 man. In fact I'd even be in support of reintroducing a 40 man tier for those willing to organise it.

What I don't understand is this obsession with getting better gear than 10 man raids. Do you raid because you want better gear than 10 mans or do you raid 25s because you prefer them? The whole idea of reward for risk scenario basically goes that if we are organising something more complex or risky then we should get greater rewards. So what happened to doing 25 mans because you enjoy them and not for the "rewards" aka better loot than 10 mans? It seems like a very convenient way of covering up lootlust.

2: Remember running ToC 10, ToGC 10, ToC 25, ToGC 25 just to stay competive when looking for a place in raids? That won't be an issue anymore. In fact many people in WoW love raiding without a doubt but raiding every night of the week to stay competitive isn't ideal. To make matters worse if you prefer the hasslefree 10 man raids you get penalised. What if you have a wife and kids or god forbid a life outside of WoW? Your a second rate WoW citizen because you can't dedicate your life to WoW? The way 10 man raiders get treated in the game is ridiculous and this goes a long way to stopping many raiders being treated like second class citizens.

Now the smaller guilds have an actual chance of getting a first world or first server kill. Now if you belong to a smaller guild you can compete with your fellow "superior beings" when it comes to getting places in PuG's. It opens up the door for people that are often neglected and treated like the bald headed stepchild of WoW.

3: With shared loot tables we get even fewer items now which is great. If you look at the amount of items that Blizzard put into each match and how many derivates each one has you can tell they pay more attention to quantity than quality. With fewer items the quantity plummets and the quality should get better. I don't want 29 thousand versions of each weapon I want each weapon to feel individual and different. I also want more attention paid to each weapons itemisation. I think this goes a long way to making things easier on the WoW team.

4: I remember when ToC came out and it was awesome. A nice new place to play. Got into 10 man geared up, started fooling around with ToC 25 and then with half ToC 25 and half ToC 10 gear got into ToGC 10 and eventually ToGC 25. In the end running the same raid 4 times a week in 4 different modes... got tired of the place pretty freaking quickly. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten so bored of I didn't have to run the damn place so often just to stay competitive with my peers. Not only does Cataclysm take away a lot of the congestion but its giving us smaller raids.

The benefit of smaller raids is you get some variety in your routine and hopefully it will allow Blizzard to create more epic feeling encounters. I don't care if there is one boss or 50 bosses I'd always pick the epic encounters over a dozen mediocre ones. With a non-bloated approach to raiding going hand in hand with new lockout mechanics instead of hitting Trial of the Crusader 4 times a week you can now visit 2 or 3 different raids not to mention the benefit of being in shorter raids is you can find more people able to spare the time.

All in all there isn't anything being taken away just something added so its not the end of the world.