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Upcoming Flurry buff for enhancement shaman {WoW}

Apr 6th 2010 4:12PM No Offense to blizzard here but, "We also agree that Enhancement may have survivability problems and understand that players don't necessarily feel they can afford the bonus Stamina from the Toughness talent, at least in PvE." This was a problem in Ulduar and is still a problem now. Shamans in general have always been the lowest HP class to play, its sad that at the end of the expansion they acknowledge that even with the slight buff they gave them in ulduar 1200hp or something like that, it is still a problem and they don't have a solution for it.

Officers' Quarters: Not an officer {WoW}

Mar 29th 2010 1:28PM I have been a non officers doing officer duties and an officer doing officer duties and dealing with guild drama and currently am just one of the masses, I must say from seeing all the spectrum of the game I have enjoyed my play more this way than in any other way. However when you have been in seat of power and then you are no longer you still have a tendency to radiate the power and then force yourself into the dramatic situations you long to avoid and were happy you left when you left /o chat. Guild Leadership and being and Officer in WoW is a double edged sword, and I no longer like knives.

Bear armor and FAP changes coming in 3.0.4 {WoW}

Nov 20th 2008 12:34PM pre nerf

armor from leather: 3326
other armor: 3980
total armor: 7306
bear armor: 37772
mitigation %: 69.42

after this nerf takes effect we will see the following, with no gear being changed out.

armor from leather: 3326
bear armor: 28544
other armor: 3266
total armor: 31810
mitigation %: 58.46 "

Protector of the pack +12% damage mitigation with 4 people in your party.

Pre Nerf 82% are you crazy can you say OP

Post Nerf 70% So it balances out to be the same thing. Actually just slightly better and feral tanks can focus on dps gear for those times when you only need one tank on a boss and a little extra dps would be nice.