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Ghostcrawler talks a bit about Resilience {WoW}

Jan 15th 2009 12:38PM If by *BAM FIXED* you mean *INSTANT RETURN TO CRAPTASTIC VANILLA-WOW PVP BALANCE*... then yeah.

PVP rewards do not need to be ideal as everyday gear. If they are moderately 'ok', then bonus. What they *must* do is actually be ideal gear to PVP in. The whole purpose of PVP gear is to provide alternate progression for players who don't care to raid. Needing to raid to get gear to PVP in is stupid, and was the entire problem with Vanilla PVP.

Me personally, I enjoy both aspects of the game. But those of you constantly crying about PVP balance screwing up your precious PVE raiding should think long and hard about suggesting the things you do. Do you really want to be in a raid with 24 other people, half of which don't want to be there and would prefer to be in a BG or arena? That is precisely the situation you create by making the best gear in game *for every need* available by raiding.

Aside from that, the insistence of Blizzard that rating scales have to remain etched in stone is stupid. If you can only get 800 resil right now, then tweak the numbers behind the scenes so that is the cap. Add an additional effect that reduces *all* damage taken in PVP combat by X%. Next season, when there is the possibility of getting to 1000 resil, that is the new cap, tweak the numbers as appropriate.

Additionally, reduce the stam on all non-tanking PVE gear. Now you have two clear cut sets of gear progression: one set of gear that has tons of dps/heal stats, but is wholly worthless for PVP, one set that has tons of survivability (in PVP only) that is worthless for raiding. There is your fix. No need to tone down talents, or decrease the current *damage potential* of any class.

That sinking sensation {WoW}

Nov 20th 2008 8:14PM Not to sound condescending (really), but did it occur to any of you that this moral dilemma is by design? As someone else pointed out... you don't have to do every quest -- just like Arthas didn't have to go psycho in his quest for payback and pick up that cursed pig sticker.

Oh, wait a minute...