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Apple files patent for synchronized lyrics display {}

Jul 20th 2007 3:42PM I'll be interested to see how this avoids the trap of prior art.

We're giving away a signed Friday Night Lights script! {AOL TV}

Jul 9th 2007 11:17AM w00t! Go Mojo! ...I mean Panthers!

WoW Moviewatch: Nihilum Vs. Teron Gorefiend {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2007 2:43PM The second song is Lux Aeterna. If you liked that, check out "Requiem for a Tower".

Turn your Powerbook (or MacBook) into an eBook reader {}

Aug 14th 2006 11:30PM "What's a geek to do?"

Write his own PDF viewer, that's what. I ran into a similar problem with PDFs from Marvel Comics' "40 Years of X-Men". Preview just had too much interface, and the PDFs were difficult to read. Over the weekend, I cooked up a specialized app just for this purpose: Comic Book PDF Reader. It's designed for wider content and is available at

It's very bare-bones at the moment, but who knows what it'll turn into? In any case, it works very well for me. I invite others to give it a spin and let me know how it works.

Expansion Map Previews {WoW}

May 17th 2006 10:00AM So where does the currently-blocked Quel'Thalas area fit in here? You can see it from the Eastern Plaguelands, but a barricade has rendered the path impassable.

Breakfast Topic: Game Over {WoW}

Feb 17th 2006 10:45AM My time on WoW has dropped dramatically once I hit level 60 with my druid. I don't know if I'm playing the game enough now to make it worth the subscription fee, but I'm holding on until the rest of my guild hits the big six-oh and we can do some end game instances ourselves.

So, I guess my reason for sticking around is almost purely social.

Is Photocasting totally non-standard? {}

Jan 18th 2006 7:08PM R Muffet, some thoughts:

Re. 2: Apple's not even using XML properly if you read Mark Pilgrim's notes. It's looking for prefixes and not even checking if the prefix is declared in a namespace. Thus, it's possible to create photocasts that work in iPhoto, but make any other app using a real XML parser fail. Not a good thing...

Re. 4: That's fine until I build a photocast reader that is not iPhoto or Safari. I paste the URL into my own reader and it doesn't work because Apple is returning an HTML page instead of an RSS document. If iPhoto is to be the only photocasting client, that's fine. Otherwise, it's f'ed up.

Is Photocasting totally non-standard? {}

Jan 18th 2006 3:40PM I found out the date thing after reading Mark Pilgrim's documentation. "The number of days after Jan. 1, 2000"? WTF?

Is Photocasting totally non-standard? {}

Jan 18th 2006 3:35PM The RSS that iPhoto ingests is non-standard from the perspective of trying to write generators for the content. I made an attempt to generate an RSS feed containing all my Flickr content, but I was foiled by the fact that Apple uses no less than three date formats in photocasting RSS feeds. I managed to figure out the first two without any problem, but the actual date that matters - the one that stores the date the photo was taken - was completely incomprehensible to me.

If anyone can translate 2018.868993 as a date for me, I'd appreciate it.

Further, to compound the problem, I was unable to find any documentation about the extensions to the RSS feeds. At least when they expanded RSS with the itunes: namespace, they provided a nice document explaining all the tags.

I'm not one to frequently agree with Dave Winer, but in this case he is right - Apple's bungled the deployment of photocasting by doing their own thing and reinventing the wheel so that Jobs would have something completely new to talk about during a keynote instead of doing it right the first time and working with the community when they were unsure about how to do something. I love being surprised by shiny new things at the Stevenotes as much as anyone else, but this whole problem is silly and could have been avoided.

And don't get me started with the whole page redirection thing when you try to retrieve a photocast RSS feed and you're not using iPhoto or Safari...

Apple adds NBC, SciFi, USA to iTMS {}

Dec 6th 2005 10:45AM I'm excited. However, I'm now asking Apple to expand the channels available to me to watch the content. In particular, I'm asking for a port of "Front Row" to Ethernet-equipped game consoles: