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'Life Unexpected' Season 2 Review {AOL TV}

Sep 14th 2010 11:30AM I watched all of Season 1 and liked it, despite getting a bit irritated with it too... It's a show I'll continue watching, but it's far from being in my favorite's list, though this can always change, right? It's good to hear it's improving, and I wish them all lots of success.

Great review, as always.

Massively Speaking Episode 107: A chat with Felicia Day {Massively}

Jul 15th 2010 10:21AM Great interview! =)

BlizzCon 2009: The Guild Panel Live Blog {WoW}

Aug 21st 2009 7:37PM Great Liveblogging! Thanks!

Grey's Anatomy: In the Midnight Hour {AOL TV}

Nov 21st 2008 10:48AM I'm also very annoyed with Denny being back.
I was already annoyed when saw him on the end of episode 01-02, but I thought, ok, this is a 'goodbye Denny', so that's ok...
But now this!

Forgetting the Denny thing, well, more ignoring then forgetting really, 'cause trying to ignore Denny is hard, but helps to enjoy the rest of the episode... Anyway, Denny aside, I thought it was a great episode!

The beginning made me think it was going to be more 'WOW', like 'From a Whisper to a Scream' or 'It's the End of the World / As We Know It'. But turned out to be not so 'WOW'.

Anyway, even thought I expected more, still, great episode.

The interns thing: Mer and the others were pretty stupid, not THAT stupid, but let's not forget they had Bailey as their resident. And she watched them WAY better than they are watching their interns. And, Sadie kinda brought the stupidity to the next level...

Christina yelling at Mer... I think it was more a 'I'm mad at you with the Sadie thing' than just 'cause Mer didn't defend her. Mer is the only friend Christina has, so I see how that could have a bigger impact on her that normally would. I hope that this makes them start teaching the interns better now...

Lexie and George: I'm a Lexie fan. Lexie is the new Izzie, lol. And I do want her to be with George. I just hope Shonda make them a drama-free (or at least less then the usual) couple. I mean, someone has to be happy on that show, right?

Speaking of happy, Mer and Derek seem to be going good... and I'll hate when Sadie mess that up. Cause it's obvious that she'll say something that will make Derek and Mer fight...

And Mer seemed to have grown a lot, which I think it's great.

Last comments:

- Sloan and that kid was very cute. That kid was very very cute, and made me cry. And Sloan with Callie was nice too...

- Hunt and Christina... that will be interesting, but they have to make him interact with the others too... get a friend or something...


Wow, that was a HUGE comment.