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Recent Comments: lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 28th 2009 9:59AM You fail to realize that DB will only endorse the software they are PAID to push, which is KEYCLONE and everything else is secondary. Yes they might appear to be 'protecting' the community but what they are really doing is thwarting any growing of it in favour of its own software and own marketing to wit, their website and forum thus banning any other solution seeing as a threat to this.

I have picked apart the DB forums under a pseudo-name the past week, and I can find quite a few posts about how great KEYCLONE is and very little information about anything else.

If you were truly at your word, I would find more information about ALL multiboxing software and not just what you are paid to sell; though you might be in the guise of suggesting other solutions there really aren't any.

Until now.

Thus, we have two products, both with their own closed marketing strategies and lots of misinformation on both sides it seems, though I think Tim is more transparent then anyone on DB or Keyclone since neither a top lvl programmer or user has made an online stream promoting the software nor asking questions about multiboxing in general as Tim has done.

Once again, the fact you bring up that Tim's software COULD be in violation of Blizzard's UELA when clearly there is NO WAY this is true as he is using it, has used it in the past, and Blizzard is perfectly happy for him to do do (otherwise his accounts would be immediately banned - they are kinda on the ball in this regard!), shows you are just trying to stir things in your favor.

It could be said the very same things about KEYCLONE, to wit, that it violates aspects of Blizzard's UELA on such things as multiboxing and it is up to the USER how such software is to be used in the game, no less than any other addon I point out.

At NO point does Tim show that his software can be used in an illegal way, but you have already shown that KEYCLONE can in fact but configured to add functions that would detract from the multiboxing experience, indeed, that it can be used for botting purposes.

Feel free to keep posting, I will add further retorts as they come in. BTW - I have tried KEYCLONE, it sucks and it was extremely annoying to configure. Watching Tim's easy UI, well within the bounds of Blizzard's rules with NO POSSIBLITY of being against any rules nor breaking any while allowing an easier gameplay while multiboxing for those that choose to - see the live stream even tonight at 9pm CST on :)

Once again, I am not affiliated with, DB, pwnboxer or Tim Sullivan in any way, I simply state some relevant observations that people should understand.

Multiboxing is PEFERCTLY LEGAL by Blizzard's OWN RULES under the agreement you signed when you become a subscriber.

What software you use to do it, is what is in question here. lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 27th 2009 6:13PM You don't discuss Tim's product because you work for a rival company called Keyclone, yup, we know all about you bud.

I think we can disregard everything you say, as well as your crappy Keyclone software; have a nice day! lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 27th 2009 6:00PM I've been watching this stream since Monday of last week, and I have to say that Tim is not specifically doing the stream to sell or promote his software; as has been stated, he will stop and explain what the software can do when asked direct questions.

I have seen the number of people watching grow from 100 people or so, throughout the stream event which can last many hours with viewer numbers very stable with this Friday's cast reaching a peak of 865 people!

He is putting on a quite a show for people. So far I have watched him do many instances, such as SM (all sides), RFC, Uldaman, Marudon sometimes running BGs in between. Throughout the cast, there is a constant flow of new viewers asking the same questions, most commonly 'what is multiboxing?' or 'hey Tim, what software are you using to do this stream?' or ' multibox'. He has never stopped what he is doing just to promote anything, he does take the time though to answer questions people have; and this often requires him actually opening up the pwnboxer UI and showing what it does.

Its great he takes the time do this, it makes it a fun experience to watch. I am not affiliated with Mr. Sullivan in anyway, in fact, I do not even play WoW anymore (I have in the past though). Watching his stream, and looking at how easy his software is to use, I have been thinking about activating my account again.

Another thing Tim makes clear is the legal issues surrounding multiboxing. This is an important issue, which he goes into detail about but simply put, it is perfectly legal to multibox WoW.

One must check the source of any mud-slinging at Tim about his stream or his software, its quite possible those doing so actually are employed by rival multiboxing companies.

Clearly Tim has a good product here, he really enjoys multiboxing, loves WoW and has good information for people about all this stuff. My overall conclusion is 'go Timmeh'!

Mines of Moria gets a November 18th release date {Massively}

Nov 21st 2008 9:38AM This is true about WoW, they are not 'next generation' graphics one they Blizzard has focussed on is trying to have as wide a user base as possible so they have toned down the amount of pixels they will allow on the screen so you just don't get the rich textures you will find in LOTRO.

That said, any machine can play LOTRO - I have a friend who plays on a $500 laptop, has the settings on medium, running DX10 with FPS around 25-30 at 1280x1024 and all stable for any situation as I have personally witnessed a very stable game for him.

Now if you move textures to Very High you will start to see the etched patterns in armor, whether they be rune designs or the stitching patterns on the leather armor, even the fineness of the cloth on the cloaks, and Ultra High brings these textures to life in a way only LOTRO offers.

That said, the specular lighting effects are amazing, MoM has introduced even more glob effects and improved AA with help from Microsoft (now endorses this game) and the video card companies such that, people have been commenting that overall FPS for people has gone up by about 15%.

I never had any issues, the game with MoM is now smoother than ever.

LOTRO also boasts THE best water effects of any game in the market. This only adds to the atmosphere you are questing in, not to mention of course, that the layout of the zones couldn't be easier to find where you need to be with a rich variety of environments - from wide planes, to deep forests, to high mountains, to ancient ruins, to the Mines of Moria itself ---> and you might think a mine is a mine is a mine but no...this place is beautiful inside, and massive.

No..hands down, Mines of Moria and LOTRO has the best graphics, deep story line, mature gaming commmunity (everyone is really nice and pleasant to one another, seriously), great player animations/emotes/combat sounds, huge bestiary, many titles/deeds to personally explore, and great group quests from 3 mans, all the way to 24 mans and PVP to do as well.

Let the little kids play WoW, I'm sticking to LOTRO as the one is checkers, while LOTRO is more like CHESS and the latter is a far, far superior game.

Did I mention the LIFETIME SUBSCRIBER option for LOTRO? Its awsome, pay once, and never pay a monthly fee again, and I get a reduced fee on the MoM expansion as well. Turbine is really helping the players to enjoy the game, and not price gouging like other video game companies do, because they know that, once you cross a certain threshold; they know you'll pay anything to keep going.

Turbine is not like that. And the player-base appreciates it!

Hope this helps you guys out, and nay-sayers out there, can just push off.


Mines of Moria gets a November 18th release date {Massively}

Nov 21st 2008 9:25AM This is because you are pushing your ingame settings too high, buy some more RAM or lower your settings but don't complain about it as there is a way to reduce loading times to

Mines of Moria gets a November 18th release date {Massively}

Nov 21st 2008 9:22AM Yes the animations are slightly slower, however, with the updates interupts are INSTANT so the majority of classes are benefiiting from improvements with the MoM expansion. Overall the gameplay is about WoW quality in raids, in 12 or 24 mans there is TONS of stuff going on you don't notice the 'slow animations' as you say. It is quite trite to analyze them so actually, as the textures of the characters are actually deeper and richer than anything WoW, AOC, Warhammer with its '96 entry lvl graphics so hands down LOTRO under DX10 (even under 9) has the superior graphics and all the player animations, are very well done.

If you want quick twitch graphics, stick to WoW as the eye candy, though well done, is a bit too cartoony for my tastes and I got sick of it.

LOTRO is more 'real world' with actual leaves on trees, grass that sway with wind, rain and environmental effects, and a huge bestiary boasting many different types of bleeds, poisons, melee- ranged attacks, different sounds for these beasts, and all these animations amazing too.

I don't know what you're saying really, in the end, LOTRO wins the graphic war - though yes, the animations are slower but you can't Heart-Seeker a Warg-Rider for 3500 points of Ancient Dwarf damage in WoW so who cares...