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Hi Arthas! Want some help slaughtering the innocent? {WoW}

Nov 24th 2008 7:46AM Well i see one thing there that conects all the events.
Infinite dragonflight is trying to let BL to take over Azeroth. Its not like not allowing ScorgeĀ“s creation. Its really important for them (ID) to make Azeroth fall to the BL. Maybe because they dont wanna LK to arise.
LK was a pawn that is now hidden in Azeroth and locks all ways in so he can be hidden for ever or until he is strong enought to face BL over in the void.
BL is one side of a coin while light (naaru) and creation (Titans) are the second side. And here comes Scorge and LK somehow mess with this 2-side system. We dont know yet if LK wants to fight only BL or he wants to fight the other side (titans and naaru) too.
ID sees what we do not, LK sees alot of things too and nobody knows what (i say even Arthas dont knows what LK really wants), BL is blinded by fury and hate, naaru are blinded by light and fight with BL, Titans are gone.
And there are Old gods in this game aswell!