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Patch 3.3.5: Changes to vote kick incoming {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 2:55PM Ah Ulurjah the snob tank who thinks the world revolves around "their group." Dude loot is loot everyone who could use it is entitled to roll for it. Like the guy above said you should have pugged from your own server with loot exclusions being said at the start of the group, not used the LFD to find you a healer then proceed to tell him that the loot he wants he can't get because you will all roll against him....if i was that healer i wouldn't have healed you either. Learn to not be an ass then come back and let everyone know about your adventures.

Breakfast Topic: World PvP {WoW}

Apr 8th 2010 10:34AM I would guess that you haven't made your way to STV yet? On any server i have ever WPVP on this zone is the bane of the leveling world. Does make you wonder though how much LFD tool and the leveling in BG systems have changed the game if people are complaining about not getting ganked enough. :)

A quick and dirty guide to rage normalization for bears {WoW}

Apr 7th 2010 3:09PM @Mort

Agree with you one your points. I would like something like a Pally's glyph of divine plea that is a damage reducer with something you use anyway, or make feral charge bear give rage instead of cost rage or both. :)

A quick and dirty guide to rage normalization for bears {WoW}

Apr 7th 2010 10:53AM Cant you offset the armor reduction with barkskin's dmg reduction? Hope that offsets it enough i have been doing that since i started tanking with my druid and haven't seen anyone complain. on NPR {WoW}

Mar 31st 2010 11:34AM On a side note to the actually question of should a 11 year old play WOW the answer should have been NO. The game is rated T for Teen and is not meant for younger players but your answer was all well and good with parents should exercise good judgment when allowing their child to play. Disneys Toon Town rated E or Wizards 101rated E10+ would be better suited for a 11 year old kid with a safer environment.

The Queue: Virtual Insanity {WoW}

Mar 29th 2010 3:41PM Druids talk in animal forms by tapping into your mind and projecting bubbles of text in front of you.

Their clothing shrinks in the puff of smoke.....much like in the dryer. The NE you see dancing naked in the cities are just having a harder time shifting their clothing back to full size.

The Daily Blues {WoW}

Mar 17th 2010 10:54AM Well last time i was on my warrior Commanding Shout didn't have a CD but i could be wrong there...oh wait i'm not.

# Commanding Shout
# Maximum health increased by X.
# Duration: 2 minutes

I am sure he meant to say Challenging Shout, but hey it's not like he should now everything about the game or anything.....

Challenging Shout is an AoE taunt shout that costs 5 rage and has a 3 minute cooldown (as of 3.0.2). It causes all nearby enemies to attack the warrior for 6 seconds.

I kid GC but really don't nerf me bro...buff them.

Breakfast Topic: I don't have one of those {WoW}

Mar 17th 2010 10:34AM Hello Druken_wookie at least you haven't spent enough time to get them all the 80 now like i did maybe you can be saved before you do. :P

In all seriousness i have leveled one of almost every class save for my mage stuck at 78 to 80 something in my mind told me that if i just tried the class and made it to 80 with them i would like them. Since most of the good class mechanics don't open up until the end game and the gear that comes from that, but alas that has not really held true for me. I can say one thing for sure that i have found that i like the hybrid classes much more then the pure Pallys, Druid, and Shamans rank at the top of my list for the most joy to play. Lock become a joy to play once you get siphon life because you turn into a dotting fool, and DK are fun but just to easy to play. Personally i feel sorry for anyone that can't stand to level a Pally past level 60 because as ret that's when your sense of god likeness starts to build up, and when your tanking joys are at there greatest....yes the first 50 levels you are an auto attack class and that is boring but i think the same can be said for a druid they don't really open up until you get mangle, and shamans don't open up until 40 and you can duel wield.

What i would say to Rossi is roll a rogue and level him only in PVP and you will enjoy the class MUCH more. The only way i got mine to 80 was in PVP i couldn't stand questing with mine, but i did it for the first 74 levels of his life until they allowed leveling in BGs. With Heirlooms there really is no reason not to level in PVP anymore, i am sure it's not like you need him to pay his own bills, and all the other gear you can get from doing honor turn ins, or doing a random dungeon. Same goes for a mage that isn't frost IMO. I leveled my priest as discipline and had more fun then leveling my mage has been.

The great gear explosion {WoW}

Mar 15th 2010 5:52PM As a pally in tier 10 i would just like to say, stick with it you'll gear up quickly enough and soon that same pally will be bitching because you are pulling tons of threat with your AoEs...then see who's laughing.

In all seriousness though i don't epeen like a bunch of us welfare kids are now. We really need to take a hard look at our selves and say how did i get here? Most of us would say i was carried through a few runs and got a few purples, or pugged till i couldn't pug no more. So meh to anyone who belittles you since that person is just trying to hide the fact that last week they were just in questing greens them self and got carried through by a kick butt team of dps or healers.

The Light and How to Swing It: Keeping the tank alive {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2010 10:08AM Was there a Holy Pally 101? If not how viable are holy pallies in the starter dungeons at healing? The last time i was holy was back in the pre BC days, and i didn't seem to have many issues keeping people alive in Gnomer. Just want to know if the lack of MP5 hurts at low levels or not (other then the heirloom gear.) Also is it better to buy the mail heirloom gear with MP5 or go for the plate gear? Thanks in advance for any help.