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The Queue: In which Lady Gaga Girl took over {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 4:05PM Someone has been lurking on /b/ this morning.

Reminder: BlizzCon 2010 tickets on sale tomorrow, June 2 {WoW}

Jun 1st 2010 3:19PM I plan for buying the Direct TV online stream. Do I have to buy those tickets tomorrow? Or can I wait till later?

Current Realm Status: Up {WoW}

Apr 14th 2009 6:57PM LOL someone was sitting around WAITING to post this article. Shoe in mouth I suppose.

Arthas: Rise of the Lich King giveaway {WoW}

Apr 14th 2009 7:55AM Will making a thoughtful post tip the possibility of winning in my favor? Perhaps not, but regardless I will mention that I am a huge lore fan and would love to have this book.

PETA to hold WoW rally to protest seal slaughter {WoW}

Apr 7th 2009 3:01PM PETA is perhaps the worst organization in the world.

Pimp my mount {WoW}

Apr 1st 2009 12:47PM Bad April Fool's jokes are bad.

Ulduar items and why they look the same {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2009 6:17AM First you go out calling the poster a troll and that he would whine about anything, and in the next breath you state that he poses a tough argument.

Who's the real troll here?

Noblegarden extended to a week on the PTR {WoW}

Mar 5th 2009 6:21PM I really wish they kept religion out of my video games.

Guildwatch: "Ok ready for summon" {WoW}

Mar 4th 2009 4:10AM I hate this blog story. It doesn't show all the facts, and it slanders people and I guarantee there are going to be cases where people do not deserve it.