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Ritual of Summoning revamped {WoW}

Nov 25th 2008 9:52AM wow...cant believe how many people are complaining about needing 3 people to summon.. Blizz will never change that because then they might as well take out the summoning stones. The whole point of the summon is to save time once your deep in an instance and have to replace people. If they reduced it to 2 or god forbid 1, think of the ramifications...
One warlock being able to bring in an army by themselves, yeh that would allow for decent gameplay.
Mages can only port to very specific areas and theyre only exit portals. Locks are entry portals to any location, which means your ability is many times more powerful, with the only limiting factor being that you have others to help you keep open your portal. Stop wanting to be mages its this mundane QQing thats making Blizz balance every class so noones freaking different anymore. ITS KILLING THE UNIQUENESS OF THE CLASSES. End rant.