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Tips for new Death Knights from a fellow tank, part 2 {WoW}

Nov 25th 2008 10:38AM Whoops, to clarify: 'that I am trying to hold one, two DPS each are soloing the other two' doesn't mean I'm only tanking one, but rather, I'm taunting and thwacking the mobs to keep me on me, but I end up being the only one left who's even attacking the Skull. (And with the whole 'kill in this order' thing I didn't think this should be an issue, but if I'm misunderstanding something or tanking wrong, I would love to know.)

Tips for new Death Knights from a fellow tank, part 2 {WoW}

Nov 25th 2008 10:34AM I decided to google for DK tanking suggestions since I fell in love with the Frost spec and have tanked Ramps and BF a few times now as my DK on Sentinels...Yes, I'm still new at this, and I have no other tanking toon. A person's gotta start somewhere, right?

First I want to say that this was indeed helpful to read. Thank you ;D I was among those who just leaped into it in my n00b DK gear and went squish many, many times before I got some slightly better tanking stuff and now am doing all right.

Second, I have had only one complaint regarding my tanking so far, and that was from another DK who insisted 'we're twinks, we should be able to run through, wtf are we stopping?!' and ending in party wipes, after she aggroed half the instance and whined that I should have been able to tank.

Third, maybe more tanking help requested on my part. One thing I have run into that for all I know could have just been me being misinformed (Cause I initially came from CoH, which I KNOW this applies to) is that while the tank draws and tries to hold the aggro, the healer's first priority is, therefore, the tank. DPS, meanwhile, should be peeling the mobs, one by one, off the tank. However, the way we did it in CoH was that the DPS should be attacking whatever target the tank's marked as the main. In WoW, that's the skull. But what I run into in WoW is that I'm whacking away at the Skull after I get all the mobs' aggro on me and am monitoring with Diamond Threat, is that the DPS each seem to choose separate mobs. In something like Ramps this now means that, for example, if we've pulled 3 mobs, that I am trying to hold one, two DPS each are soloing the other two, generally there's another of Whatever class and god only knows what they're doing--but now, instead of the healer having roughly one main target to worry about (The Tank), she's now got to divide her attention between at least three other party members while the tank tries to get aggro back. The healer's aggro as she frantically heals goes through the roof and she is now in far more danger than she was had we focused on the target that the tank has the most aggro build on. And if anyone dies it's OBVIOUSLY the tank's fault, right?

And since I compared it to CoH I'll explain: in CoH, healer focuses on tank, ranged people stay back and DPS peels, one by one, the mobs off the tank, but they peel off whichever one the tank is focusing on via the game's built-in assist.

So, is it different in WoW? Am I doing something wrong? Do I just get sucky groups?