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Varian Wrynn hates the Horde {WoW}

Nov 25th 2008 6:01PM Now, having only played the Horde quests in Northend, I can say that Varian and the whole of Alliance really does have cause to be very, very pissed off at the Horde.

Even the stuff that carries on into Icecrown.
You start your battleship pvp dailies in Icecrown by talking to a dying Horde soldier, part of a group that ambushed the Alliance "scum" as the Alliance was waging a battle with the scourge near a Wrath Gate. You tell the leader of the horde skyship and it's "glorious".

Oh come on. Blood and glory comes from an ambush? You are led into a quest that opens up the dailies that involves killing nearly dead Alliance NPCs laying on the ground?

Nevermind the whole issue with the Forsaken. Sylvanas is just as responsible as Putress for the Wrathgate incident since she has had that stuff brewing, being testing, and being developed in her very pressence! She planted that seed, saw it sprout, and because of her previous actions (even the betrayal from Varimathras is her own undoing, for having enslaved the Dreadlord rather than simply killing him when he was bested by Sylvanas on the battlefield), she was partially directly responsible for both factions' armies being wiped out during Wrathgate.

And yet, Thrall lets this go. While Varian's weakness is his uncontrolled anger on account of his violent past, Thrall's weakness is the kindness he has too often been shown by his enemies, and his habit of returning the loyalty. By standing by Sylvanas and the mess she was responsible for, he essentially spat in the face of any hope of Alliance/Horde peace.

Yes, I haven't exactly looked at Varian in a positive light either. Yes, both Thrall and Varian and the Alliance/Horde are very foolishly at war in a key point of their fight against the Scourge. And it looks like this storyline is being developed as such: both factions are moronic for not being able to put aside their differences. I mean, come one! They're fighting each other in giant friggin' airships. With that kind of firepower, don't you think they should have had control of Icecrown by now?