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Know Your Lore: The haunting legacy of Grom Hellscream {WoW}

Mar 26th 2012 4:20AM As Garrosh would say, "The stench of alliance reeks through this comments section." A lot of the reasons Garrosh is being taken down have nothing to do with Garrosh and more to do with the alliance's zeal for victory. In many ways Varian is no different than Garrosh in that both of them have both an aggressive personality that at times can be just as dangerous as it can be honorable. The problem is that blizzard is listening too much to zealots when it comes to the story. A zealot cares nothing of balance. A zealot cares nothing for good story. Zealots care only about victory for one side and endless deaths for the other. Many in the alliance feel they were slighted by the cataclysm but that is a lie. Both sides lost bases. Both sides lost critical towns. For what was lost in one area, is gained in another. For what was displaced, there was something to replace it. The problem is that people always feel they are slighted no matter if they get a story or not thus why the alliance for the last 3 expansion packs has wined constantly about how they didnt get the best story. As that video above demonstrated, alliance lore characters have been just as active if not more so than horde lore characters but again this is ignored. That is why garrosh is being killed off instead of a real threat. The alliance cry babies want something that feels like a victory for them so they feel in the top position. That is why they are getting a proud lore moment to actually storm orgrimmar just as they stormed undercity. The only problem is this will not placate zealots for even so much as a second. They would rather see a dwarf be the true world shaman and kill deathwing despite the fact that the most critical element that helped to brind deathwing down to begin with was swayze's airship. They would rather have major lore characters that have maintained neutrality suddenly turn around and attack the horde all while the horde's people are forced to either lend a hand in its destruction or be cut down where they stand. That is the power of zeal. The bloodlust for victory only serves to constantly push you towards one goal. The problem is that this expansion pack depends on both sides existing. You can not have world of warcraft with only one faction controlling everything. Until that is realized by many zealots there will always be posts wining about the need for the one faction leader after the next of the horde to die. Kill sylvannis. Kill garrosh. Kill thrall. That is always why you will see that in posts on a consistant basis and why this post probably will be the lowest rated posts on here. The zealots would rather make a joke of the horde being led by a campfire.

Warlocks may cast green fire spells in MoP {WoW}

Mar 25th 2012 2:37PM I can think of much better things to do than green flame. How about giving back the one thing that made locks so downright scary in pvp and pve, drain mana. It would serve to help everyone in some ways. Warlocks gets an ability back that actually when used properly was incredibly useful. Raid and dungeon groups get something that can slowly short circuit troublesome encounters. Mages and pallys get an extra reason to cry a river. See everyone wins including the plants that need water so please do something good for nature. Give warlocks back drain mana.

Mists of Pandaria Beta: New warlock pets {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2012 9:43AM Well the dimensions so far seem some what correct though I expected the fel imp and voidlord to be a little taller. As for the rest, they seem to measure up nicely and seem to be suitable upgrades. What I wonder is will they behave like their cousins ie fel imp melee, void lord using void tether to increase power, observer use eye beam for channeled attack, shivarra use mind sear like dot, wrathguard use mini bloodlust to increase attack speed, abyssal use rain of fire, or terrorguard use melee as opposed to the range attacks of the doomguard. This better not be just a change of models but same attacks cause that would really suck.

The surreal concept of neutrality in Warcraft {WoW}

Mar 21st 2012 2:01PM Its simple really. The reaon why is that some of the kirin tor mages worked with the alliance against the horde. Then there is the matter of arugal. A renegade kirin tor mage supported by the alliance who created a race of worgen monsters which he used to turn the otherwise peaceful woodlands of silverpine into a savage land dominated by worgen which one day would infect the very people that helped to spread it.

The surreal concept of neutrality in Warcraft {WoW}

Mar 21st 2012 1:37PM Let me give a piece of advice. Never let your thirst for blood, vengeance, or glory for your faction cloud your judgement. Going in that direction only serves to make you more barbaric than those you wish to eliminate. The reason these factions are neutral is not because they serve a leader or belong to a faction. These neutral parties serve to protect azeroth as a whole from serious threats as opposed to regional conflicts that either side engages in. The cenerion faction has always been about protecting the balance of the elements. The argent faction has always been about defending azeroth from the threats of the scourge. Their whole existance is dependant on keeping that neutrality which is why both sides have openly pleaded with the other to stop fighting. That is why they make no efforts to block any race or faction from joining as they understand that their fight is for the existance of all parties. That is why the argent faction has not chosen a side. To choose a side is to risk the destruction of the argent faction itself as well as taint all future efforts as people question whether that faction is working on their own or working at the behest of a faction that is using them to acheive their own ends. You must remember that these factions are neutral for good reason and should remain so. To taint them with partiality is to risk perverting their very nature until there is no reason for them to exist at all. I have been a loyal supporter of the argent faction since before bc even existed so I would hate to see the dreams and efforts of so many get ruined all in the name of satisfying some faction's desire for vengeance and glory. That would only lead to the barbarism which I referred to earlier.

Blood Pact: A tale full of cheering and demonic fury {WoW}

Mar 21st 2012 12:02PM Um When was this article written cause blizzard did in fact clarify how demonic fury works. Demonic fury is built up using dots, bolts, and hand of gul'dan. At any time you can activate metamorphosis to spend that demonic fury. You spend it with a series of metamorphosis only spells as well as spells that are modified by metamorphosis. When you run out of demonic fury you revert to your former self. The trick to this will be finding ways to stay in metamorphosis mode while doing as much damage as possible while acquiring more demonic fury to keep metamorphosis up as much as possible.

Mists of Pandaria: Female pandaren {WoW}

Mar 19th 2012 1:56PM This explains why the panderans dont have many kids. The panderan males are having a tough time finding their equipment under their gut while the female red panderans have the issue of that tail getting in the way during certain positions. At least the furry fans will be satisfied with something sexy they can play around with just as the males do with the taurens. In the way it almost begs the question. What do you get when you cross a female panderan and a male tauren? At least something a lot better looking that something crossed with a male panderan and a female tauren.

Breakfast Topic: What would be your biggest Mists of Pandaria surprise? {WoW}

Mar 18th 2012 11:21AM Top 10:
1. A complete wipe of every toon on every realm. Bring wow back to the beginning with everyone starting on their first toon on the road to 90 with absolutely nothing but the progress they make on that first toon.
2. Gambling in the form of goblin/gnome casinos and pvp arena fight betting.
3. Return of the world dragons as aggressive wandering level 100 world bosses that wander through select areas of wow.
4. An upgrade to the models allowing for detail improvements ie better textures and bump mapping
5. Video recording capability built natively into wow
6. Wow Trophies that drop at random from a select encounter that allows you to display a trophy to show off to others
7. Integrated ventrilo built into wow itself
8. PVP cannibalism recipes ie gnome stew, tauren steaks, and spam treats for pets
9. Boat mounts with the option to travel to other continents as long as you goto a harbor location thus no more being at the mercy of zepplins
10. Size and age adjustments to toons allowing your toon to be anything from a young midget gnome to a mummified looking forsaken that has been dead for a particularly long time

Know Your Lore, TFH edition: The true battle between Light and Darkness {WoW}

Feb 26th 2012 8:58PM I have often wondered about this. My theory though takes a somewhat different route. To do this right we have to travel back to long before the draenei even existed. This goes back to the days for the titans on azeroth. As the titans were created they set aside 3 levels of protection for the younger races to come: the elementals, the constructs, and the energy. The elementals were designed to take on singular forms to protect the elements in all their forms. They evolved into the dragonflights. The constructs were specificly made as a protection measure for the younger races. They evolved into the figures we have met inside ulduar. The energy are responcible for the teaching and influence of younger races. The problem is as their evolution progressed they split into two different evolutionary paths. The side we refer to as the light eventually become the naaru as it sought to become physical individuals that embraced the light. Unfortunately something happened that was unforseen by the titans.

The other side I will refer to as the darkness did not choose to go physical nor split into individual pieces. It chose instead to inhabit certain figures changing them dramaticly over time into something else entirely. This is how yogg saron became what it is now. Yogg saron was once a construct but thanks to manipulation by the darkness he become something more hence why the other constructs attempted to quarantine him away in hopes of avoiding a possible darkness infection themselves. It failed and the darkness was able to corrupt numerous other constructs that were vastly twisted and manipulated until they became the old gods we know today. Those that served the constructs that were infected eventually became the faceless ones.

Now that brings us to the eventual collision. The naaru and the rest of the titan creations seeing the infection went to war with the darkness to stop it. In the process of the war the old gods were forced into earth, the faceless ones were trapped deep in the ocean far out of reach of the creatures on land, and the darkness as we know it was forced into a physical form and trapped out of sync with our reality leaving only a corrupting voice. In essense they live in the shadow of the mortal world unable to influence it physically as they once did. The only way they could influence was subtly through the minds of others. The device that made this possible was a powerful titan technology buried deep within panderia which was to act as a sort of prison for the physical form of the darkness.

Jump to the present, the darkness has created a grand army with it serving as the leadership. The old gods as the generals. Deathwing, Cho'gall, and Nefarion were the sargents. The twilight hammer as the foot soldiers. The darkness used them for a unique series of goals that needed to be done.

The first step was to reveal the location of the portal device for releasing them. That device had long been hidden from the mortal world by the naaru in hopes that the darkness might never find a way to gain its freedom.

The second step was to weaken the dragonflights hence why they tricked the dragonflights into using the one weapon that would weaken them, the dragon soul. This is why they didnt put the full power of the old gods into protecting deathwing and destroying their targets. It was all a subtle trap to force the flights to reliquish the last of their power so that they would be unable to fight the darkness along side the naaru.

The third step is soon to happen as the darkness guides mortals slowly towards its prison. Once they flip the switch the darkness will escape but unlike many of the physical enemies of the past it will not take a physical form. Instead it will begin the next phase of its plan which will be the manipulation of races. The alliance and horde will be whipped into a frenzied war by which the darkness will pit them against each other until one side has beaten the other. All the while it will slowly corrupt them until one side has a clear victory. That side will then become the new foot soldiers of the darkness as the twilight hammer once was.

As for what can be used to stop the darkness, there is only 1 thing left which is hidden on panderia which the darkness hopes to distract the younger races so they do not discover it, titan technology. It is on the continent of panderia where the titans left technology meant one day for the younger races when they were ready. The darkness knows that if this technology were to fall into mortal hands it could be used to destroy it in its physical form thus destroying it entirely. As for why the naaru have not let the younger races know about the titan technology, that is another problem.

The naaru are hesitant to allow the other races to use this technology as they fears what would happen if the darkness were to gain influence over mortals with useable titan technology. It is for this reason that Naaru has kept the secret of panderia even from the draenei. It is their fear that even the draenei could be corrupted again if allowed to come under the influence of the darkness. That is why all this time the naaru have always tried to influence the younger races in fighting the corruption of the darkness but never revealed its physical source. To do so would in essense be like opening pandora's box with only nothing but trouble coming from such a venture.

How is that for an interesting theory. A secret war between the two different sides using the younger races as fodder while secretly one has put the groundwork for a much greater master plan with wide reaching reprecussion for azeroth as well as the rest of the galaxy should titan technology fall into mortal hands. Oh and I know someone is already gonna say it. Cool story bro. I will take that comment as a compliment if anyone choose to post that.

Breakfast Topic: Which storyline do you want more of? {WoW}

Nov 28th 2011 10:34AM Stories I am concerned about.....

1. Magatha grim totem is obviously working on something and the twilight hammer tried to stop her but question is what was it.
2. The scarlet onslaught was defeated at icecrown and malganis was exposed. The question now is what is malganis up to now that he no longer has the scarlet crusade under his control.
3. Sullah claimed he was beginning on some kind of amazing place that was gonna be situated in uldum. The catch 22 is he is also trying to domesticate the pygmie but for what? slave labor? hmmm
4. The vykrul seem to have a larger setup in azeroth than what has been previously suggested. They dominate northrend and they have a settlement under the ocean just in the backyard of stormwind. Where else are the vykrul hiding and just how vast is their holdings?
5. The gates to the emerald dream are now barely protected any more. Where once they were protected heavily and impossible to get near; they are now abandoned or those remaining are weakened. Is something trying corrupt these gates and if so who is responcible?