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Ready Check: Everything's dead, Dave {WoW}

Nov 28th 2008 4:55PM You can not possibly shine the subject of this topic in any light other then the flashy torch held at the eyes of a mental, and waved by the mental health team.

There is absolutely nothing glamorous, respectful, or good to say about any of the people that attained this supposed "achievement" - and blogs like this only instigate more people to do these ridiculous acts in the future.

It is unhealthy, dangerous, stupid, socially defunct, juvenile and plain moronic.

Do not try to justify any of it by stringing together words from a context and hope for a band.wagon praise.

It took me 2.5 weeks to hit 80 and even that makes me feel dirty. One of thr guys in my guild hit 80 in 3 days and ever since I've just not had time or respect for him. It's just plain SAD.

WoW is only a game. There are other things you could do for days without sleep that I'd respect, like scaling Everest or beating the Kokoda trail.

But playing a game so you can flash your peen over the forums and hope people might respect you more?

Snap out of it kids.