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The Queue: The Golden Crown {WoW}

May 24th 2011 11:51AM Thanks for the spoilers!

Breakfast Topic: Have rated battlegrounds met your expectations? {WoW}

Mar 8th 2011 8:31AM I enjoy PvP every now and again, my guild does not. I saw rated BGs as my way to get a leg-up the PvP ladder without actively having to join a PvP guild. As it turns out, I'm just in exactly the same position as I was before Cata. Those who PvP on a "serious" level now have one more thing they can do. Everyone else does not because, unless your guild can field 10 PvPers, you can forget it basically.

Breakfast Topic: Is there a class you just can't play? {WoW}

Mar 4th 2011 8:07AM Holy priest.

Don't know why but there just seems to be a gazillion buttons, all of which are actually useful, and I panic and before you know it....oh, we're dead.

Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite dungeon or raid memory? {WoW}

Feb 18th 2011 8:24AM My favourite moment was a Kara run where my guild absolutely imploded! We were all RL friends and I guess tensions had built up over a few weeks of runs, until one night everyone just went crazy at each other on Vent. Cue lots of ragequits, words said in anger, pointed fingers and slamming of metaphorical doors!

It seems odd to have that as a favourite moment, but now we all look back on it and laugh. We're all in different guilds now, seems to keep things sane!

Best part was our off-tank failing hard at picking up adds and someone saying "Sorry, we really need TWO tanks for this."

You had to be there I guess.


Breakfast Topic: How was your first Cataclysm heroic group? {WoW}

Feb 11th 2011 8:10AM I got told to learn to trap by a warrior that marked nothing, thunderclapped like it was going out of fashion and taunted distracting shotted mobs back to him. To say I came out less than enthused is an understatement.