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Drama Mamas: Of scrubs and terribads {WoW}

Jul 24th 2009 12:00PM As a disc priest myself, I can tell you that on Mimiron Flash Healing is very low in my rotation. I'm healing for 2489 HPS on this fight, of which PW:S accounts for 33.8%. The rest of my spells follow as percentages Prayer of Mending, 21.4%, Penance, 13.3%, Flash Healing, 11.1%, Divine Aegis, 7.6% and Binding Heal, 6.3%. There is simply too much healing that needs to go out everywhere to merely Flash.

One thing I would recommend is to set up an account with, and run combat text. You don't need the raid to know that you're doing it, just quietly run it as you raid, and look over it after the raid is over, privately. That way, you can gather information about what everyone is doing, and make decisions on the viability of your raid. Is it possible that the original poster was trying to two-heal Mimiron? What was the dps like? Our raid-wide dps last night was 13,535 DPS, and the fight lasted 10 mins. As a healer myself, this fight is amazingly daunting. And, I am the raid and guild leader. If the Priestess hadn't really done much Ulduar before, and was dropped in the middle of Mimiron as her initiation, I'm fairly certain she was desperately fighting the compelling urge to run away from her computer screaming like a madwoman in search of the nearest confessional to be forgiven of whatever sin she had done against God himself.

A million Hail Mary's won't make you a good healer, but as an active member of this raid, the original poster would do well to have as much information as possible about the people he is raiding with before he starts to judge the performance of others. I know I've added about 500-1000 dps to each of my mages by using WorldofLogs to analyze how tight they stay to the Arcane Blast rotation.

The Onion takes on Raiding {WoW}

Jul 12th 2009 12:12AM @ le sigh
irony fail.

The Onion takes on Raiding {WoW}

Jul 12th 2009 12:10AM @ lesigh

The ins and outs of the Shroud Loot System {WoW}

Jun 11th 2009 5:18PM I really don't understand all of the complexity in looting. We use a Bottom-up system with loot council (though our raiders usually know where it's going before we give it away), with I.W.I.N. tokens for attendance 80%+ for the previous month. The attendance is curved against the raider who clocks the most hours (that person is always 100% attendance). The token allows players who put in the time and effort to get preferential treatment for loot, but only once a month. When you use it, you roll against anyone else who used theirs, and winner loses the token. We modified the EPGP tracker to give 2 points every 12 mins (10/hour), and raise the Min GP to the max hours raided so far this month by one person. That way, EPGP mod and have accurate %'s of attendance. Seems easy enough to do.

For 3 months we've been going like this, and have had near-zero drama. Our overall guild-wide loot iLvL goes up every week, and we keep killing stuff.

I never understood hoarding points, in-fighting and the selfishness that DKP drags along. I can already see people mad about the shroud system because someone only had to sped 10 points as their half vs someone else who had to spend 1000 for the same item. Maybe it's just us casuals that are weird. I don't think anyone in my group cares who gets loot, we all benefit from it, as the weakest link gets the greatest upgrade.

Lichborne: Dual Wielding and Tanking on the 3.1 PTR {WoW}

Mar 9th 2009 12:16PM Not sure what you mean by "general avoidance" being better for Death Knights. My dodge is 24.99 and my parry is 18.37. With Blade Barrier, my parry goes up to 28.37. So, my total avoidance is 53.36. The other MT in my guild, equally geared with me, has 25.86 dodge and 19.24 parry (45.1 raw avoidance) PLUS 27.41 block chance.

When you strip me of Blade Barrier, I'm down to 43.36 avoidance, with mitigation to help me out. Now, if you want to frontload an event and bias it for DKs to do well...Patchwerk is the one. With his fast attack speed, my evasion means I completely avoid most of his damage, and buy my healers more time in between heals. The same goes for a Druid, with dodge %'s from 50-55 and higher, they can avoid most of his attacks as well.

Other fights, this is not the case. I"m particularly weak against K'T because someone MUST kick / interrupt the slow cast frostbolts since eating them is bad for me. Maexxna is another example because during the web wraps, all my avoidance = 0. This is even worse during the last bit of Maexxna's health, where a warrior or druid can use Last Stand and have 45-50k HP...I just have to stand there and eat his attacks.

Swedes say WoW is as addictive as crack {WoW}

Feb 27th 2009 12:02AM Trainspotting...nice. I need to watch that again, such a great film.

Swedes say WoW is as addictive as crack {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 8:24PM Then, if the problem lies in how it's designed to stimulate the release and reuptake of dopamine, should we study why WoW, to quote you, "IS" so addicting, or should we study why we are so needy for dopamine in our lives? What is it about the human species that makes us so driven by dopamine and it's pleasure inducing properties? I would venture to say that is the root of the issue. Do we criticize marathon runners for their endorphin "addiction"? Skydivers for their adrenaline "addiciton"? I mean, hell, I think it's a lot more personally destructive to jump out of a plane or off a bridge with a little 'chute on your back than it is to get excited because you've spent 3 hours wiping on Sartharion with 3 drakes up and finally got him.

Isn't the last criterion for every DSM-IV disorder that it interferes with normal functioning? As long as people are not crossing that line, there is no downfall to playing a game that you enjoy or having sex 5 times a day with your new girlfriend. When it crosses that line, it's not the games fault, but instead, a symptom of a larger disorder at work within the individual. That disorder is what we must treat in order to heal the individual - blaming the game isn't going to help. You don't give someone cough suppressant if they have tuberculosis. You don't blame a game for someone who has a problem with addiction.

Swedes say WoW is as addictive as crack {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 8:15PM I always love these. Prepare for the onslaught of "this game is not addicting" and "You're in denial" responses. Now, for once, the author of this article has stated that an addictive personality will manifest itself in any number of ways. What I don't understand is the lack of studies that show a relatively similar number of hours that people spend watching television, building and racing RC cars, reading, or hunting and fishing. Human beings of the last 100 years are consumers of entertainment far beyond the scope of our entire existence. However, even in the years long ago, we have always sought or created forms of entertainment and socialization. Hell, we've even erected colleseums for gladiators and arenas for football teams.

What I don't understand is the criticism and sharp eyes that are aimed at electronic entertainment, specifically video games. When I was a child, my stepfather would take a sick day for the first day of the hunting season, and go out for 2-3 hours every morning or evening for the entire season. And he sat in the woods alone waiting to actually kill something. Some sports fans never miss a game, shave their heads till the winning streak is over and paint their naked bodies to display in 15 degree weather. Do we equate them to crack addicts? I mean....seriously....CRACK?!?

It's a form of entertainment that millions of people enjoy. If 11 million people are into any one singly identifiable thing, I'm sure you're going to find some bad apples in there that would suck a dick to buy the latest expansion. The era of personal accountability is so low in the world today that we would rather blame the thing we don't understand than risk offending someone by saying that they're maladjusted and psychologically distressed. Stop saying it's the game's fault that a relative small proportion of its players can't control themselves.

Now, I gotta go steal a TV to pay for my next month's sub.

Ghostcrawler explains the DK aura changes {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 12:21PM I mean....really? Universal rule: Err to the right side of each pair, aim just left of the tail of the blob to the right to compensate for possible latency. How does making you get from one set of blobs to the next faster kill people? Your people are retarded, imo. We have a druid in our group who does figure 8's through the treeform.....backward to emphasize to new raiders that there is a specific way to go through frogger.

And you know what...I just thought of something....this whole explanation is bullcrap. I'd like to have a warlock for soulstone, and they better not have any pet out besides imp either (Improved of course), a priest with imp'd Fort, a warrior with imp'd Commanding Shout, a feral druid with LotP, a boomkin with imp Moonkin form, a resto druid with imp'd GotW, a pally with kings (improved of course), a shaman with improved Ankh (lowers CD of ankh), unleashed rage and imp'd totems, a mage with improved Int buff, and a hunter with improved AoP and replinishment talent.

I mean, all of those are nice, but they're not required any more than UH aura is - except for kings of course, which GC has said is probably the most important buff in the game. That's ok though, they're making kings a baseline talent that all pallies get, so people wouldn't have to make the hard choice of benefitting the entire raid instead of buffing their own dps slightly.

Ghostcrawler explains the DK aura changes {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 12:02PM I have yet to be in a raid, whether 10 man or 25, that didn't have at least two death knights. As an UH tank, there's always at least one other blood dps, so we get both auras anyway. I've never remotely believed that a guild or a raid would require someone to spec UH just for the freaking aura. Dumbass justification of a dumbass change. I've kept UH aura so far because I like it, and as a raid leader,

I like being able to move at a faster pace. If I didn't have it, would I force another DK to spec into UH just to get it? No. It's a nice buff that helps us get through the ridiculous stop-and-go trash pulls faster. And having it certainly doesn't help idiots live through Heigan, get away from the raid with Mutated Injection or get behind Sapphs frost blocks any better.

Might I spec into it just to increase my attack speed while in frost presence? Probably. Is it going to piss me off when I keep having to stop and wait for my raid to catch up now? Yes.

What doesn't make sense is that aspect of the pack makes people run faster, but there's a penalty assessed if you get hit. However, UH aura is half as fast as AoP, but there is no true penalty, only a reduction in the amount of speed increase. If what he says is true, then they should take AoP out of the game, and just leave Cheetah, cuz you know, people only bring hunters to a raid so they can turn on AoP after a wipe.