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Blood Pact: Warlock glyphs to use, ignore or to dream for {WoW}

Oct 12th 2009 11:55AM Yeah, I was going to say that for glyphs Immolate outscales Life Tap in Destro Spec at very low [Naxx] level gearing. Especially if you have ISL and are raiding, you tap so rarely the buff isn't worth it.

Ask Mr. Robot {WoW}

Oct 7th 2009 4:37PM Actually, I can see that. It's difficult to believe, but I can.

Plasma Foil has +2 Int, +46 Spirit, -1 crit rating, -52 haste and [assuming epic gems] -86 spell power.

I can see [at certain levels of gearing, and depending on spec] where the +46 Spirit would be useful.

Including Fel Armor (+46*.3) the foil will be only 73 spellpower under the blade. [please note, I am assuming destruction spec.]

I don't have hard math in front of me, but 1.59% haste + 73 spell power would be probably around 2% DPS increase.

At that rate, the 46 spirit would allow a decrease of 1 LT out of every 6.

I haven't played my lock in a while [pre-3.2], but to stay topped off IIRC I was tapping pretty much every 10 casts, so 10% of the time.

10%*5/6 > 2%.

As I said, this is for a certain gear level and spec. In a raid, buffs will allow you to maintain mana efficiency to a much higher degree; I suggest checking those settings.

Blizzard working to fix graphics issues on Macs {WoW}

Aug 18th 2009 7:25PM Hmm, I have a 7600 on my PC. I'd noticed issues starting with the last patch - 5 FPS during boss fights in Ulduar that I had no issues in before. I wonder if the issues isn't limited to Mac ones?

The Spreading Taint plans pride parade on Proudmoore {WoW}

Jun 12th 2009 12:04PM @ Atdt1991

Actually, the word taint is used in the guild names of ALL of the guilds that fall under the meta-guild.

One of my druid characters is in the guild; they're good people.

A Lawyer's take on the new UI policy {WoW}

Apr 1st 2009 7:08PM Blizzard? Yeah, not gonna happen. Blizzard was a decent company, largely run by people who enjoy the game (I think).

Activision-Blizzard? Yeah, I can see that.

Blood Pact: Educating myself on fel / emberstorm {WoW}

Mar 9th 2009 4:09PM Emerge,

If you are FG/Emberstorm, Corruption is generally a net decrease. While adding it can cause molten core to proc a little more often, it is inefficient to use it to do that due to mana usage along with GCD usage.

Curse of Agony deals damage every 2 seconds baseline; corruption every 3.

0 sec: CoA cast
1.5 sec: Corr. cast
2 sec: CoA tick [15% chance for MC to be up]
4 sec: CoA tick [28% for MC to be up]
4.5 sec: Corr tick [38% for MC]
6 sec: CoA tick [48% for MC]
7.5 sec: Corr tick [56% for MC]
8 sec: CoA tick [62% for MC]

and so on and so forth. Compare to

0 sec: CoA cast
2 sec: CoA tick [15%]
4 sec: CoA tick [28%]
6 sec: CoA tick [38%]
8 sec: CoA tick [48%]

- Corruption will roughly give a 14% higher chance to proc MC, for a 1.5% fire damage increase. However, each cast of it will be approximately 1/4 to 1/5 of a Lifetap, so for every casting you have 1.5+1.5/5 = 1.8 seconds of time you could use to cast a more powerful nuke.

[UPDATED] Patch 3.1 PTR build 9658 Warlock changes {WoW}

Mar 9th 2009 2:29PM Not likely that anyone will read this at this point, but in case Artifex does, I used to [post-3.0, pre-wrath] use metamorph as part of my spec - actually OT'd Dragonhawk [well, first egg phase at least] when the OT paladin dc'd during a timed run.

Blood Pact: Educating myself on fel / emberstorm {WoW}

Mar 9th 2009 2:26PM As someone who plays FG/Emberstorm and routinely tops or comes close to topping the DPS charts, including 4.3k DPS on 10-man Patch - You're doing something a little off.

First, Glyphs:
-Curse of Agony
-Varies based on personal opinion - personally, I like the Healthstone glyph. In any case, NOT the immolate glyph; from my experience it's a DPS loss, between initial damage crits and the stacking with talent.

CoA - Immolate - Incinerate spam. Yes, it's that simple mostly. Don't change to drain soul until the last second; even 4x drain soul isn't worth it.

Pet should be on passive, with cleave and intercept auto-cast. Send it after the boss/whatever as soon as you can without it dying.

Macro /petpassive onto a hotkey; you can use it to recall your pet to avoid flame waves/voids/etc.

Keep your pet up - Raid buffed, a felguard can pull around 1k DPS by itself on a single target. If it dies, it loses the buffs.

If your pet does die, you will [probably] want to resummon it. Unless Fel Domination is up, if the fight is less than 20 seconds to finish, you want to keep DPSing solo. If you have longer, ALWAYS resummon the pet. If Fel dom is up, resummon for maximum DPS, every time. This is based on the assumption that pet DPS = 1/4 to 1/3 of player DPS; summon time of 5.5 seconds.

[UPDATED] Patch 3.1 PTR build 9658 Warlock changes {WoW}

Mar 6th 2009 5:43PM Doomguard was not the highest DPS pet. It was equal to the fully talented Felguard when run by someone who knew what they were doing. It's just that it, you know, didn't take an entire spec to make it useful.

Yeah, 0/41/30 is going away. This may be the first time I've been excited to play Affliction.

An Immortal in Ulduar and other troublesome achievements {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 2:57PM @ Steve -

Yeah, that's true. On the other hand, our guild has what may be a disproportionate number of lag issues; the guild is largely east coast/midwest, server is west coast, MT is Hawaii. At least two pairs of raiders share a connection; this causes increased lag. Some of them don't have top of the line systems, so lag is inevitable at the peak graphic times (read: lava waves, or other visual cues).

Not that I think they should remove the achievement, really. I think it is a good achievement. What I *don't* like, is that the reward for the skill-based Glory of the Raider is based on clearing all the hard content - Sarth+3, Maly@6, etc.. and the luck-based Undying.

Keep undying, both as a title and achievement. Just don't tie it into Glory, because groups that are skilled enough to clear later content can't always get it due to lag or other luck-based issues. One raider I know even had his cat tear out his Ethernet cable during a fight, and if that's not epic bad luck I don't know what is.