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Ask WoW Insider: Instance running 101 {WoW}

Dec 1st 2008 7:25PM 1. Have fun! I've started doing 5 mans with my main when DM came out. (DM = Dire Maul, the first 5 man dungeon ever!). I still love doing them!.

2. Take it easy. Know the mobs. Know the fights. Don't rush in.

3. Have 1 leader making the calls. The rest can suggest, but only 1 should make the decisions. Trust me, this will make your run easier.

4. Use raid icons. Assign CCs. DPS, ASSIST THE MAIN ASSIST! For 5 mans, the MA is your tank.

5. Don't worry about the nice blues that drop. Don't go nuclear if someone else gets that phat loot. If you're learning 5 mans, it's more important to learn teamwork and the group mechanics. Once you get that solved, you can farm instances all you want and get your phat loot!

6. Let your team take chances. It's ok to make mistakes, specially when you're learning new content. Try out suggestions from the team, but remember, only 1 may lead. You can't go anywhere if all 5 of you try 5 different strats at the same time!

7. Learn from your mistakes. Don't repeat them. Don't break CCs. Don't overnuke. Watch your healing aggro. And most of all, if you have aggro, RUN TOWARDS THE FRIGGING TANK! Not away from him! Trust me, it will save your life.

8. If all else fails, and you still wipe continually or you're not having fun, I suggest that you look for a different group. This is a fact--there are good group players and there are horrible group players. Some players make mistakes once or twice, and they learn from them. Some players just don't. My suggestion. Replace them, move on, and have fun!