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Ask WoW Insider: Instance running 101 {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2008 12:38AM @jbodar

Since you mentioned star for shackle, they might as well learn the most common kill order in case they ever PUG.

Typically marks and kill order:
Skull = primary target/first kill
X = secondary
Circle = sap (if you have a rogue) humaniods only until level 71
Square = freezing trap (if you have a hunter)
Star = shackle (if you have a priest) undead only
Diamond = banish (if you have a warlock) demons only
Moon = sheep (if you have a mage) humanoids/beasts only

Typically, use crowd control on casters, since tanks do great vs melee, but poorly vs casters.

Sspecial CC notes:
Sap - can only be applied out of combat. Once it's broken, that mob is loose. Kill this target before any other CC target.

Freezing trap - your hunter has a long cooldown on this, but it can be reapplied by the hunter if he knows what to do. He should lay the trap, pull aggro, then move very far away from the trapped mob, lay another trap between him and the mob incase it breaks, and be ready to repeat until his target is ready to be killed. Kill this target before all CC targets except Sap.

Shackle - Doesn't get used often, unless the instance is full of undead. Can be reapplied if you your priest is paying attention.

Banish - Same as the shackle, except it makes the target mob immune to damage so it can not be broken by damage. Annoying if you refresh it right when your group is ready to switch targets, and then you all have to wait. Better than a corpse run though.

Sheep - Polymorph: the Holy Grail of CC. It only works on Humanoids and Beasts (not undead, demons, or dragonkin), but that means it works on >90% of dungeon mobs. It heals better than anything else in the game, so don't swap targets with it unless a mob is going after the healer. You can keep sheeping over and over and over again, so kill this target last.

Priests can also Mind Control, but it's very situational when that is useful.
Warlocks can Enslave demons, but it's useful only once in a while.

Since I've written this much of an essay, I'm just going to keep running with it.

Tank: learn to Line-of-sight (LoS) pull a group of mobs. You have 2 casters and 2 melee in a pull? Attack at range, then stand right behind a wall/corner/LoS-blocking object. The casters will run right next to you, and everyone else must avoid pulling aggro. This will prevent many wipes. Pull only one group at a time. Know where the patrols are so you can wait when you have to.

DPS: do *NOT* start dpsing as soon as the tank pulls. Let him build up some threat before you go all out. Use interrupts (kick/counterspell/silencing shot) on healers healing spells before interrupting damage spells.

CCers: use the "focus" frame so you can keep track of what you're CCing. If your focus breaks CC and you can pick them up, do so! If you can kite, do so when it looks like a wipe (I'm looking at you frost mages)! As a frost mage, I've kited 6 melee mobs all the way out of Heroic Shattered Halls (from the very end to the very beginning).

Healers: keep your tank in Line of Sight. In general, don't bother healing DPS that has pulled aggro. Unless he's an offtank (druid, warrior, etc) he's probably going to die anyway, and then you'll have a bunch of threat/aggro from healing him. You can recover if only one dps dies, but if the healer or tank dies, it's almost always a wipe.

Other than that, you all should read up on each boss fight ( ) so you know what to expect and can agree on a strategy beforehand. Good luck and have fun!