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Ask WoW Insider: Instance running 101 {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2008 10:10AM We have a few rules for instance runs in our guild:

Rule #1:
Have fun. Thats why we are all playing a game.

Rule #2:
Fire burns... don't stand in it. (this has been expanded in wrath to: "if it doesn't look normal, don't stand in it" because of all of the mobs that have a non-fire based stationary ablity)

Rule #3:
Loot is NOT as important as the expiriance. (gel as a group, find your rhythm... see Rule #1)

Rule #4:
Please let the tank pull, and please do as he asks... if you hit yes on the /readycheck then you better be following the plan.

Rule #5:
Wipes happen, and it's not worth getting pissed off over.

A few other notes:
-come to the instance fully repaired
-come with all reagents/ammo you may need