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A discussion in defense of new race/class combinations {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 4:24PM This is close to where I was coming from in a post I made about the possibility of a Forsaken hunter class, and justifying it lore-wise simply because Sylvanas Windrunner was a hunter in life and therefore could pass on those skills to the Forsaken. It just doesn't track. Having a human mage for a main, I WANTED to be a Night Elf because I loved the elven race, and I wanted to be with the "good guys" and not rolla a Blood Elf. From reading the backstory of the Night Elves, I understood why they had no mages and was cool with it.

Part of the great appeal of WoW has been that Blizzard structured the races in such a way that if you want to be race x, you're held to restrictions in class due to that race's lore on how their culture developed. It adds a sense of role-playing "realism" as each races class choices have usually been in tune with their inherent culture and evolved racial abliities. It also makes you /think/ about how to fight a mob from another race, i.e. NE mob = no need to worry about taking fire/frost/arcane damage and gearing for it.

Blizzard /seems/ to be moving in the direction of giving everyone the same class choices, which will imply a bit of ret-conning, but what it really does is make the races more generic and cookie cutter characters that are really no different from each other. it kinda makes it more like EverQuest.

A discussion in defense of new race/class combinations, Pt. 2 {WoW}

Aug 18th 2009 7:14PM With all the lore-related speculation on what the estabilshed races /used/ to have as a class, and opening up the door to getting them back, I've yet to see something else considered here.

The Forsaken leader Sylvannas Windrunner was one of the highest ranking hunters in Azeroth. WAS. Like all the Forsaken, she lost those abilities when she died and was enslaved by the Lich King. To say that she can regain and share these skills with the Forsaken is setting up a precedent for Death Knights. I play a Blood Elf Death Knight on Twisting Nether and part of the role-playing involves walking through Silvermoon City remember what once was and his former life as a mage. Granted that meant killing off a few summoners at Dalaran Crater for his Dalaran Wizard Robe for his casual strolls on Walk of the Elders, but he has vengeance issues.

The point I'm trying to make is that if the Forsaken can regain class abilities had in life, the argument can be made that Death Knights can too having also broken thee Lich King's control over them. I'm not just talking about my DK being able to cast (nerfed) Living Bomb again either. Shouldn't Morgraine be able to share his Pally skills with the Ebon Blade? With being able to change factions (already set up by quests that give faction with Argent Dawn, etc.) that possibility exists. Ret Pally DKs ftw! Wouldn't that be a hoot for everyone else!

Before anyone says this can't happen, remember we also said this before these current race/class combos were proposed.

Arcane Brilliance: Good and Bad in patch 3.2 {WoW}

Aug 9th 2009 8:10PM I haven't been playing WoW for very long at all so I welcome correction by fellow mages on my post.

I think Blizzard is in some quirky self-denial about our class. When I first started out I didn't see my mage doing all that much compared to othe clasess so I tried them too. Bu I returned to my mage, found my niche, and seriously enjoyed it. Even with being filleted by rogues in BGs. Even when standing in Sorrow Hill watching a pally pull multiple adds and clear them quickly, saying to me "Pally's are seriously OP! lol". Then came the day somewhere close to level 55 when I saw a level 58 DK pull an entire camp of level 59-60s mobs, and clear it before I could get more than 3 spells off.

So I quickly dinged 55, created a DK, and headed to the zone I'd left my mage in. The novely of taking on multiple adds two levels higher than me wore off pretty quickly. It took none of the finesse or choice of spells for mobs that makes my mage so rewarding to play. Actually, it took less than a week before I got bored and went back to my mage. However, I'd noticed something that nagged at me so I created a DK on another realm anc watched closely. As I said, Blizzard appears to be in some quirky self-denial about out class. They need only look at their own content.

There ie a climactic battle ending the DK starting area quest chain. I won't ruin it for others by giving away details, but I noticed not one mage anywhere! Not even the NPC mages seem to feel relevant to fights, and that shows up in the Burning Crusade expanion as well. How many mages do you remember being around in Hellfire Peninsula? Magus Filinthus is there, and two or three on the Stair of Destiny, but they're being largely ignored by the Legion. It's paladins everywhere else, and I haven't come across any usuable drops that aren't subtracting from my existing gear.

It appears to me that even with their own NPC content we're being under utilized, and a accidental perk has been neurtalized since successfully taking on more than 2 mobs is overpowered compared to other classes taking on entire camps leaving us to run for the hills when it simultaneously respawns.

Peronally, I don't believe they understand the mage class at all: Notice what an NPC mage goes oom or is silenced? They try to melee.

Meanest Love Songs: No. 20 {Spinner}

Dec 4th 2008 10:13AM Actually Stevie (thanks to Mick Fleetwood mediating) partially got her way. The lyric was originally "Packin' up, crackin' up is all you want to do"; Lindsey gave in and rewrote it. Stevie was doing a lot of cocaine and other things at this point, and it was starting to become a problem, e.g. "Gold Dust Woman". There's also old video of them doing "Sara" live sometime before "Tusk" came out. Poor Stevie is so messed up on stage it's embarassing to watch. She pretty much mumble/slurs her way through the end of the song, and Lindsey and Christine look visibly concerned.

Lindsey may still have gotten the parting shot with "Go Your Own Way". Stevie has said he purposefully wrote her vocals for the song in a key he knew was very tough for to hit. And he was the main reason the rest of the group voted to leave "Silver Springs" off Rumours.