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Breakfast Topic: Pilgrim's Bounty {WoW}

Nov 20th 2011 11:48AM So, I just did all of the first part consisting of the initial quests and I also gathered 20 of each foodstuff to make into the cornucopia feast only to find that it has not been updated from last year's stats. It was quite nice last year to be able to use these "free" feasts in raids and not have to worry about fish for just one week (and the horn o' plenty graphic is awesome).


Win a Mega Bloks Thrall figure from WoW Insider {WoW}

Nov 8th 2011 10:44AM Eeeeee Thrall!!

Breakfast Topic: Could there be more than two factions? {WoW}

Nov 6th 2011 9:43AM You mention that there are currently 12 races spread across 2 factions, but the problem with introducing a new faction for *current races* to go into would be that it would totally destroy guilds.

Currently, my guild's main priest (me), mage, and warlock are all Blood Elves and we have no undead raiders at the moment (I might suspect those two would stick together lore-wise). If Forsaken and Blood Elves branched off into their own faction, not only do you have the problem of no druids and no shaman for those races, but raids would end up being split.

I suppose you could argue that you can give people the choice to race change on patch day (for free), but it still really screws over people who wanted to be a certain race for whatever reason, and flies in the face of their oft-quoted statement about how they want character creation choices to matter.

If you have new races with their own faction, the problem then becomes balance between the factions, perhaps even worse on some realms than it is currently.

In the end, I don't really see how a new faction could work out in a *practical sense* at this stage in the game.

GuildOx shares the most popular WoW character names by class {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2011 3:19AM Totally awesome list XD.

Sad to not see Shamrock. There is a longtime shaman on my server with that name.

Metzen talks user-created content at GDC panel {WoW}

Oct 12th 2011 4:48PM Those are apples and oranges. The types of people who would create new content are also the types who make addons currently. Granted, some addons are awesome, constantly updated, take user feedback, and so forth; while others well... aren't. You would see the same thing if this were allowed.

Metzen talks user-created content at GDC panel {WoW}

Oct 12th 2011 4:45PM "For WoW, I can't even fathom how hard it would be to separate the wheat from the chaff."

Here is the additional issue with moderating whatever content players might choose to create. Let's say that someone wants to create some scenario where Jaina flirts with Thrall and Aggra punches her in the face; obviously Blizzard wouldn't like that as they have an entire narrative built up around Thrall and Aggra, and who knows what their plans for Jaina are.

Nonetheless, there ARE people who might find that entertaining and would want to see it, so then comes the problem of selection and censorship. From something as minor as an iPhone app and Apple's selection process, there are already real examples of how telling the creator of some content no, while allowing others can lead to headaches I'm sure Blizzard would rather avoid.

RP players might have their own storylines they're working on and such, but to the main NPCs of WoW, we're all basically just ground troops and commanders. Sure, they can't win the war without us, but we're not involved in any major decisions.

From the ground up the Warcraft universe has never and will never be designed for such play. Neverwinter Nights however, using the Dungeons & Dragons rules, creatures, classes, and abilities was. In that game an entire toolset was available to make your own story-driven modules and run them as a GM, just like you might for a tabletop game. It had no effect on the main campaign.

Raid Rx: Patch 4.3 healing thoughts {WoW}

Sep 30th 2011 9:35AM Same for me. It was really annoying to not be able to factor DH into a cooldown rotation when learning a boss fight. The horrendous 8 minutes made it so that fast wipes and recoveries had it on cooldown for the next attempt, while my druid and shaman friends were able to use theirs. This happened numerous times on Staghelm especially, since we tried to push the first scorpion phase as high as possible.

The Queue: What am I going to do with all these Green Proto-Drakes? {WoW}

Sep 4th 2011 3:30PM @Tfish92: because weapon upgrades, drop RNG, and dice rolls always work like that right?

There are a few exceptions where you might have the option of using a gun or a bow (346 engi craft bow/gun, or 346 heroic dungeon bow/gun from BRC/Vortex) of similar quality, but for the most part you run into situations where something is an upgrade, no matter the weapon type.

But as we all know, game dice don't always go in our favor with dungeon drops. I tried a ton of times to get the Amber Messenger (bow) from BRC, but it never dropped. Once I finally got my Engi up I made the Chicken Splitter (bow). Meanwhile I had to use Lightningflash (gun) from Vortex Pinnacle. I'm not crazy about guns in game; they're noisy and can be distracting. But I used Lightningflash because it was an upgrade over the 333 bow I had been using.

I upgraded the Chicken Splitter with Mandokir's Tribute (bow) from ZG. Now, after I gather the mats I will be upgrading that with Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher (gun). I don't raid on this character, so my options are limited. That's not to say that even if I did the RNG would work in my favor and drop an xbow or bow that I won the roll on in a raid. And I'm not about to spend thousands of gold on a BOE 378 epic that I won't raid with.

The bottom line is that a weapon UPGRADE is an upgrade. If dps is important to you, you use your upgrade, no matter what it looks or sounds like.

Perhaps I am not understanding the question... do racials really make much of a difference for the melee DPS classes? I can't see passing up a 2h axe upgrade just because I have a racial bonus for 2h swords... it just seems like purposely gimping yourself.

The Lawbringer: Gambling in World of Warcraft {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2011 4:39PM Well it's one thing to gamble using in-game gold with in-game dice (via /roll) or in-game things (the first to die on a boss fight, or fortune cards). It is an entirely different matter to gamble on REAL LIFE events (sports games) using in-game gold. IMO there should be further clarification as to whether *this specifically* is against the ToU and whether it would actually violate state and/or federal laws against gambling.