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Saronite Bombs and similar items disabled [Updated] {WoW}

Feb 4th 2010 10:06AM I assumed that they were dpsing valk's and found that if you keep bombing the valk the ground under it respawns. Which is a weird mechanic. Haven't seen it in action yet. But how the F are you supposed to max DPS on the Valk?

PTR Patch 3.3: Patch notes updated {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 4:22PM The list for holy paladins contains exactly 2 entries which are closely related: if you are non-holy or holy but don't have Infusion of Light, then the cooldown for the sacred shield effect is increased to 30 seconds. No requirement for Holy Shock, just buy the talent, get the old behavior.

If you are an actual Holy Paladin with 2 points in infusion of Light, then the list contains no nerfs at all.

*watches pali knee jerking*

PTR Patch 3.3: Patch notes updated {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 11:23AM It's okay that shamans top the DPS charts: after all they make a huge sacrifice in armor etc. to get there compared to mages, spriests, rogues, etc., and sacrificing armor for damage is one of the core mechanics of the game.

PTR Patch 3.3: Patch notes updated {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 11:22AM Dear Blizz:

A trinket is something I spend a trinket slot on, and I expect a certain amount of return.

It makes sense that an object that fires an effect has a cooldown period, though perhaps "charge up" would make more sense. Or both: it looks like my trinket takes 45 seconds to charge up when I equip it anyways.

You'd think that if I had one trinket that gets me out of stun once every two minutes, if I had two trinkets I could get out twice every two minutes. That would make a lot of sense. That would make the PvP game more interesting, because at the moment what happens is that people devote the first part of every fight trying to get you to burn your cooldown. Once they get that, they can go to town for two minutes. If they didn't know how many cooldowns I had it would be much trickier.

But you felt the need to have "shared cooldowns". That doesn't make much sense, does it? The reason is that you felt that the trinket was overpowered. That everyone would feel the obligation to equip two of them. As many as they could. Of course, what you're really saying is that everyone has the obligation to equip one of them. They don't really have two trinket slots, they have one and a half, cause you DO get a choice whether you have +X CR or +X HR on your Titan Forged Required Trinket.

There are really three ways you could go from this OP trinket: you could make other trinkets equally OP so that people feel torn about what to equip, or you could make this trinket less OP (though it's hard to see how), or you could make stun etc. less OP so they don't require an OP trinket to counteract.

(for some reason one of the most important icons of WoW is that a rogue should be able to stunlock a clothie and kill them with literally no possible recourse. Well, stunlock-trinket-vanish-stunlock; still. Sort of "paper covers rock". To preserve that iconic WoW omelette, you need to break some eggs.)

What you ARE doing is literally the intellectually laziest possible solution.

PTR Patch 3.3: Patch notes updated {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 10:23AM The fact that Blizz still doesn't seem to have the faintest clue what they're doing when they "balance" or adjust the classes makes me sad, after all these years of practice.

Still, the undead whining here, knee-jerk pali whining, it just fills up the threads and does nothing useful.

Don't tell me you're going to drop your undead toon, tell me what race you're going to for its awesome racials. I'd like to hear it. Maybe Night Elf, so you can run back from the graveyard quicker? I always feared the Tauren war stomp: such a pity they're so ugly I just can't play them the first thirty levels until they get hats and obscuring garments. And they also can't play any interesting classes. All four original horde races make my back hurt just looking at them.

I used to play a warrior, but I quit after the maces nerf and didn't play for a year. Then I rolled a priest, which isn't so bad. My new theory is that Blizz has a specific way they want you to play each class, and if you're fine with that, charge ahead; until they change their minds. If they LET you play the class against the grain it's a ton more fun, but eventually they'll notice and screw you over.

Why the maces nerf? I think it was just the final straw. They gave me a free respec: great, I wanted all my decisions nullified and a 5 gold cookie. They didn't give me a free re-gear. You look at those epic maces you worked so hard to get, and to get enchanted and all that: they aren't really the best weapons you could equip period, but were literally the best you could equip for the spec. Someone cast "Whim of the Devs" and they're junk.

The other thing to understand is that the Devs mostly play horde, and love shamans. So if you really want to just be the most uber, play a horde shaman. Ignore Customer Care: they like alliance healing classes, but they don't have any power.

PTR Patch 3.3: Patch notes updated {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 9:29AM Have we always had a cross realm ignore list?

What would be great is if Blizz totted up people's heinousness and grouped the ones on everyone's ignore lists with each other.

PTR Patch 3.3: Patch notes updated {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 9:15AM So WotF is going from a 2 minute cooldown to 45 seconds? Congratulations on the buff.

Are we assuming that if your inventory is full when the final boss dies the special item gets mailed to you?

"If an existing group loses a member, the leader will be asked if he or she wants to continue the dungeon. Choosing to continue will automatically place the group back into the Dungeon System queue."

I was in an OldKingdom pug quite recently and this arse quit because the group kept wiping...and then we finished it easily with only four. Guess that's out. We often do HVH with only 3 or 4, it's pretty easy.

Also, it's a pug using the new egalitarian pugging system. Why is there a leader, why not vote?

Obviously you should just roll need on anything you can roll need on, figure out whether to equip or vendor it later.

Storm Peaks daily quests reward a polar bear mount {WoW}

Dec 5th 2008 3:44PM It pisses me off that all the "elite" mounts have crappy armor stuff. The slow mounts are so nice looking. I'm a blood elf shadow priest. I'm not supposed to look fierce, I'm supposed to look harmless. "Look fairer and feel fouler", that's my motto.