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The Art of War(craft): Is Wintergrasp too successful for its own good? {WoW}

May 17th 2009 4:42PM Regardless of the money blizz is making, its a business its only purpose is to make money. To expect them to drop millions of dollars to upgrade whats a very small aspect of the overall game play is crazy. From a consumer standpoint the change is awful, as every nerf is. If you take a second to look at it from there point of veiw, removiing just a small portion of the people for very low expense is a win until even bigger action is deemed necessary. Clearly the lag is stopping very few people.

What i do think is a bad idea is tenacity. It does'nt help balance, all it does is make someone a one man wrecking crew. Tenacity generally equals loss in my experience. Though sadly i wish i could occasionally have it. A loss is worth running around with 90 k health 2 shotting people with 30k lava bursts every once in awhile

The Art of War(craft): Is Wintergrasp too successful for its own good? {WoW}

May 17th 2009 4:04PM Here's a novel idea, stop the crier or whatever his name is from letting people know that wg is going on. I can't remember the times that i was'nt thinking about and joined becuase i heard that message.

Quite honestly, i have no sympathy for blizz if there worried about lag cause of too many people. Then dont have a npc yelling to everyone in distance of the surely @1 spot for someones hearthstone location that the battle is occuring.

Wrath 101: PvP welfare gear {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 11:33PM I was with you guys i thought it was !! that you could'nt get a weapon and could only get a half epic and half blue set. then i read this article and realized that deadly was the top end stuff. Im an ele shammy and as much as arenas are my foe i cant really expect to get the top end gear without particpating in them. Dont worry about the honor numbers in my limited experience its actually quicker to get gear if you do it right than bc. While im a person with a semi busy schedule you cant expect to be able to play 10 hours a week becuase you have a family and have the same gear as people that play every day. I mean whats the solution you click a button thats say i have a family and get double honor? (im sure that would'nt get exploited lol). Spend the time that you have to spend and be happy with the end result. You cant compete with people that play non stop anyway so why even try.

Jewelcrafting's flawed design {WoW}

Dec 11th 2008 4:07PM Seriously how is no one talking about Leatherworking it is FAR AND AWAY the worst profession. I WISH i COULD'NT get everything a week into the expansion. BTW all but the boe epics are shit, the pvp sets are god awful (moonkin/resto and ele/resto sets have no crit or haste but a ton of mana regen, ya that will make someone drop 1k to get it made) So 5k later what im i left with no leg patches i can sell for a profit (Why did tailor's get to keep there top leg patch as a rep only thing? You get a cd to sell, and theres another lvl of patches and bags that are hard to acquire, THUS ALLOWING YOU TO MAKE COIN. )What do i get for my trouble some boe epics i can make a meager tip off of and some quivers and misc bags. So i spent 5k so i can pray to make even HALF of that back. As a caster the lw benefit is pretty medicore, i can get 30 sp from a chanter or spend 15k lvling to 400 so i can get a measly 37 more?

Stop QQing Jcers, oh no it takes awhile to get my patterns. WHICH IS WHAT ALLOWS YOU TO MAKE COIN. Try being a leatherworker and knowing you are NEVER EVER making that money back. Then again i wish i could ignore my profession for a bit and do my daily and make 300 to 500 per day, GOOD GOD HOW AWFUL. Try living in my world where im lucky to get 30 or 40 gold on the like 6 things i have to sell. Imagine if they made every single meta trainer (not just the wotlk equivalent of the stuff you would get for those tokens somewhere in bc, cant remember). You would'nt make shit for your time, and it woudl be a giant waste to lvl past the point of getting your bop gems.

Stop bitching and moaning. They seemed to have fixed the only issue with jcing, the utter worthlessness of the rings and ammys made. Now you get to make gems people want at a profit, rings and ammys people want at a profit (someone on my server was offering 300g tip for someone with a necklace design, your right jcing does suck), and you get a daily you can use to make you 400 gold per day or save up and buy more patterns.

Lets compare that to LW. I get to spend several k to acquire boe epics that are usefull and make alittle coin, and pvp blues that are almost total shit (then again im the idiot that thought maybe blizz knew what they were doing and bought the crap anyway). A bunch of lvling gear that does'nt sell, or that i have to spend 2.2 godl to put up somethign for a day i want to sell at 30. Leg patches are gone as a money making tool with them being trainer. Plus some meager sellers in misc. bags and quivers.

Stop the QQing, at least you didnt waste your coin

Jewelcrafting's flawed design {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 11:00PM i cant believe you guys are complaining about jc, just today someone was offering a 300g tip for someone witha necklace pattern. Try lw on for size im lucky if i get to make something for somebody for a meager tip with everyone having the smae shit. Barely anything to sell on ah cause they took my armor patches away b y making them trainer.

The Queue: The spirit of betrayal {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 10:50PM What is the logic used for making lw lvl 80 patches trainer and not doing the same for tailoring. A bit on the irratiting side as an lw to see my patches taking away as a money maker and not see the same thing happen to tailoring. People want 600 on my server and i cant sell my patches for mats costs.

Jewelcrafting's flawed design {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 7:17PM I wanted to mention this as well, to give you more evidence of how awfull lw is. Theres 2 different things essentially that you buy from the dalaran vendor. Boe epics and boe pvp blues. The Boe epics do well (been to scared to craft them with prices constantly dropping on ah) but the pvp blues, out side of the evics set for rogues ro ferals, are total shit. However designed the ele/resto shammy set and the moonkin/resto set deserves to popped right in the mouth. I mean come on no haste and no crit but fucking mana regen????????????. As an ele shammy i never run out of mana, and the one time out of a hundred that i do i go KILL MYSELF. I made those on faith alone, hoping that blizz knew what they were doing (man im an idiot). Now they sit in my bank waiting to get vendored but praying for the day that they fix the sets. But even the evics set is so expensive most people dont bother.

Though i think its fitting the the WORST CLASS IN THE GAME TAKES UP THE WORST PROFESSION IN THE GAME.(Dont have a tailor or bs, but im betting those are in the same boat).

But its a very very easy fix, make another lvl of spellthread and lw patches and make a belt buckle with 2 slots. Then MAKE TEH RECIPES HARD TO ACQUIRE.

BOOM problem solved.

Jewelcrafting's flawed design {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 6:41PM You have got to be kidding me, Jcers complaining about having to do dailies( dailies that can net you 500) to get patterns. The difficutly is where you make your money. My main has Leatherworking and it is FAR AND AWAY worse than jc. At least you can make money, i cant make shit now that eveyone has the EXACT SAME PATTERNS. Wheres my dialy that will net me 500 or my cd i can sell for 50g every day.

JCers have nothing to complain about, oh no i can't get every recipe a few days into the expansion like leatherworking, i GUESS ILL JUST HAVE TO MAKE MONEY ON WHAT I HAVE.
Man i wish i had that option, they deliberatly made the lw patches trainer so every idiot spams them and you can never make money off of them. So basically for several k's gold im left with some boe epics i can make a meager tip off of, or some ancillary objects like mining bags and quivers that do okay in a usually crowded market. And for the love of god, why no 450 PATTERNS. Ill admit (i have a 425 jc) that jcing is shit 1-300, the stuff does'nt sell (at least on my server) and cost so much coin, but once your to the outlands theres big bucks in it. It even comes with a gathering skill (prospecting) that can make you big bucks as well.

Trust me you have NOTHING to complain about. The fact that lw IS EASY is why it DOES'NT MAKE SHIT. Trust me i cant wait to get my toon a couple of lvls up so i can max my stuff and have a REAL PROFESSION. Becuase sadly LEATHERWORKING IS NOT REAL PROFESSION. I should have saved 3k and just lvled to the bracer enchant, which for a caster is not that much of a boon compared to melee classes. I can get 30 from a chanter so spending 15k lvling lw is only worth 37 more sp?

In closing to give you an idea how awful Leatherworking is in wotlk (dont have the quiver or mining bag yet, but to many people have it already so not much money there anyway)

Items sold (not including meager tips from making stuff) from wotlk
Lots of heavy borean leather
Armor kits (below mats costs, should'nt even count them)
An lw bag or two

Items sold from bc
20 knothide quivers
20 reinforced mining bag
10 nethercobras

Now whats wrong with this picture?

But your right, jcing has it worst. I mean you have to try for recipes and then get to make money off of them how horrible




Insider Trader: Highlights of Wrath crafting part one {WoW}

Dec 7th 2008 9:00AM I de stuff as well with an enchanter. Btw shoudl have picked up tailoring better patterns and cloth is more readily availble. But the point is, for some of us, this was a very fun part of the game. Even if that pattern took a month or two to grind, once you got it you knew you would make several k off of it.

What worries me is there seems to be an effort made to make things like patches and bags made readily available as cheap as possible. While i have yet to max anything in wotlk other than lw. The endgame patches that took so long to grind for, but made me so much gold, are gone. They were replaced with trainer patterns that every lw grinds and then dumps on ah for at best mats prices, and many times several gold less. Even the rep patterns, with rep so easy to attain, is going to be that same sort of deal before to long.

Personally it seems like a piss poor idea. The idea of MMO's is to keep the player playing for as long as possible. While i only play a moderate amount, took a couple of weeks to hit 80, part of the fun was logging for 30 mins ot an hour farming put up said product. I can't see farming much even with a 20k mount and 8.5k ring. What am i gonna make with what i farm, or am i gonna find the wotlk equivalent of the elemental plateua and sit around for hours fighting others for spawns farming eternals. Sadly the answer will probably be none of the above. Lets just hope, and i would assume it would have to be the case, that there are MANY MORE and some BOP patterns coming in future patches. If not i can see losing intrest in this game REAL QUICK.


Insider Trader: Highlights of Wrath crafting part one {WoW}

Dec 5th 2008 10:04PM i mean items sold