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Breakfast Topic: How would you be honored ingame? {WoW}

Aug 8th 2009 3:04PM Mine would be something entirely funny, based of some of those random encounters from Fallout 1,2, and or 3. When questing in and around the wetlands, you pick up a quest that gives you this odd receiver which sends out strange beeps. Following the things hints, it leads you to a crashed spacecraft with the body of a dead Draenei with my character's name beside it and a blue weapon called the "Alien Blaster" which is a pistol usable by all classes. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but would be perfect for those levels when you're stuck running from the Murlocs and those damn six legged crocs in wetlands.

Another would be a small patch of ice at the bottom of a waterfall in Terrokar forest, with the corpse of a death knight upon it. Nearby would be a ghost of the death knight muttering constantly about forgetting she had path of frost active...

When AFK attacks redux {WoW}

Feb 9th 2009 6:05PM There may be a bit more of a story to this. Speaking with some friends of mine who play on PvP servers, after reading this, they told me that the Gnome may be able to report the Horde character for grief, possibly getting the mount stripped from the Horde character for doing it.

The problem lies not in the PvP attack, but that the Horde character used the Gnome to attack the target the gnome already had, then killed him when the target (that the horde wanted) was near death.

Historically, even on PvP servers, blizzard has frowned on the practice of using another player's character as a tank. In the past, they've even gone so far (I know of one incident, but can't find it on the fourms) as banning a person for a couple hours for doing something similar in Outlands. In that case (from what I recall) it was decided that the person using Mind Control had exploited the spell by using it on a lower level character, forcing them into PvE combat without their consent. If I remember right, they had done this repeatedly to the same character, but had never attacked the character themselves. So it ended up falling under harassment.

Ask a Lore Nerd: The 7th Legion is cooler than you {WoW}

Feb 9th 2009 12:25PM It's not something that's easy to explain. Being a Death Knight myself, I've always figured it's tied to the fact that realistically there's no way the Alliance military could get up to the Death Knight stronghold. For one, they wouldn't have much reason to, and secondly it could be a very dangerous proposition. Remember, that stronghold isn't just full of Allied Death Knights, but Horde ones also. And, it's armed to the teeth. So you're presented with a scenario that plays out thusly:

The Alliance knows that there's something bad going on up there, but they don't want to anger their new allies, and chance this elite undead force turning its eyes back to the old kingdoms. So, for now they're willing to turn a blind eye to what's going on, at least until Arthas is gone. Then, they would probably try to do something about it.

Blizzard responds to the Glider decision {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 4:18PM It's good of Blizzard to go after this guy, and I think (no lawyer here) that the way the court reads that they're not excluding the creator's non glider work from being shut down. So he's going to get screwed royally. Curiously the glider forums are quiet on the subject, with one guy posting something to the effect of "Bye Bye" glider. If you actually read the thread, they go so far as to find out who he is, and then decide to flame him in game, in his email, and even seem to suggest trying to email bomb the guy.

Looks like all is not "gliding" along smoothly in glider world.

Ask a Lore Nerd: More Scourge love {WoW}

Feb 1st 2009 7:47PM There's a quest chain in Icecrown that you pick up (as with the above poster I won't spoil it) that seems to explain a bit of how the Death Knights look at things. In this chain, after finishing one point you're told the following.

"The prince's true power wasn't his ability to make armies out of corpses... that was easy.

But killing his own men, with whom he'd shared many battles... the prince's true power was ability to do what had to be done. "

You get an idea also from the ebon watcher, who basically tells Tirion that if he continues fighting an "honorable" battle against Arthas, he (Tirion) has no hope of winning the battle. I don't see the Knights (of which my character is one) as being evil. Rather they're somewhat pragmatic about things. They know what it's going to take to destroy the scourge, and while it may mean they have to fight dirty and sacrifice lives to do it, then so be it. The ends, will ultimately justify the means.

Breakfast Topic: Pranks {WoW}

Jan 29th 2009 10:52AM My current favorite prank is while on a raid or a dungeon, to tell a Wrath baby (as I call those new to the expac) that just because I'm a Death Knight, doesn't mean I don't have a res spell. So when the noob dies, I cast "Raise Ally" Imagine their shock when instead of a normal character, they come back as my ghoul. I then call them my "Minon" until the ghoul dies.

During the zombie event, the best mass prank I remember pulling was swarming crossroads. When we were done, there were about 200 total zombies there. Most players of all things. During this a noob orc and troll come running into Xroads. The troll ran into the inn, like he thought that would protect him. We chased that orc around for hours though. He kept running past. I forget if we ever caught him.

Things that don't annoy me {WoW}

Jan 20th 2009 12:59AM quote: 20. What erupted in Trade chat the day someone typed the line "WTB [Black Pearl]."

Ok, I know the other day I got something started when a guy asked for one by responding "Ask Captain Jack". Makes me wonder if the author isn't on my server :P

PuG dungeon loot etiquette for dummies Part II {WoW}

Jan 19th 2009 7:08PM I've gotten in the habit of asking ahead of time when doing a PuG what the roll rules for the group doing it is. Case in point, a couple days ago I was taking part in a simple PuG for a full clear of Naxx. Before going in I made sure to ask what the rolls would be, and what I couldn't roll on. (Meaning did the guild doing the PuG go first.)

These guys were really nice, so when a great BoE dropped, after this one guy won it he gave it to me because it was an upgrade to what I had, even though I hadn't asked him about it.

Breakfast Topic: What's in a name? {WoW}

Jan 13th 2009 3:39PM Sometimes names can invoke thoughts and feelings in people without you realizing it. I know it's not a WoW example, but one that comes to mind is something that happened to a friend of mine on a game called "navyfield".

(note: NF as it's called is a free naval warfare game.)

During one battle, he happened to come across this ship whose name was the "KM Dachau" (KM for Kriegsmarine, or nazi navy). Since players pick their ship names themselves, he was shocked to see someone using that name. Speaking to the player, he quickly learned that the guy was from the mid west and had no clue what the name meant, but he'd heard it somewhere and it sounded cool and germanic; so he named his ship that. When told that it was the name of a concentration camp, the player actually said quote "So what, as if anyone remembers that anyway."

My friend reported them, and they were banned until they changed the name. (unlike WoW, the GM's there tell you what actions are taken.)

Officers' Quarters: Waiting at 80 {WoW}

Dec 29th 2008 10:52PM Even though I've not hit 80 yet (just to 75) I myself have found it difficult to get good groups together for quest chains that I can't quite solo. While it's true, as a Death Knight I can solo more quests than most players, the truth remains that sometimes I just have to have help.

More often than not, I find my groups made up of one other experienced player, and three people that are total knee biters or morons. It's strange in a way, seeming as though the expansion sucked all the good players into some oblivion, leaving the rest of the noobish kids behind to scream "I pwn JOO!!!" and whine that DK's are so OP, and then complain when the OP DK dies because the tank was a moron.

Look, if we were OP, why would we know what, I'll digress from that. It could easily become a rant.

Either way, when it comes to picking up a group to run nexus, or do that one 5 man quest in Griz Hills (part of that really neat Arugal chain) I can't turn to my guild since well most people went back Alliance, and turning to people I don't know...

I guess you just can't win.