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Sunday Morning Funnies: Jammy Jam {WoW}

Mar 15th 2009 9:39AM Return of Kissybear = Win

Woot, indeed!

Ezra Wheathoof is Thunder Bluff's newest Elder {WoW}

Jan 24th 2009 4:37PM Thank you, Blizz -- it's a nice tribute and a pleasant warm fuzzy.

In my line of work, we deal with a lot of Give Kids the World children; it would be nice if they could all have such a well-themed, well-intentioned memorial.

Breakfast Topic: Are you an insomniac WoW player? {WoW}

Jan 10th 2009 8:34AM I'm an early morning WoW player, myself, so I sometimes overlap with the serious night owls. I often find myself online around 6am EST on my days off and find it the most relaxing play time I can get. Heck, at that time of day, folks are actually talking about trading stuff in Trade Chat, a practice I'm sure will never catch on -- I mean, really: the nerve!

A cup of coffee and the server practically to myself on a weekday morning = win.

Breakfast Topic: Are you a Trade Chat grammar narc? {WoW}

Dec 13th 2008 1:13PM I usually let things slide around me and don't worry too much about correcting the general channels, but I will speak up about Guild Chat if someone is making a consistent mistake. Even then, I tend to whisper them so as to not make a big deal out of it: no one likes to look stupid in front of a group.

There is a certain amount of adaptable language in the game that we all tend to support: pwned, ganked, nerfed, ZOMG. All of these terms have developed as part of the in game communication culture and so, as such, don't bother me. I find myself offering 'gratz' to my guildies when they ding without even blinking: it just is what it is.

I do have my limits, however.

The one that really got to me happened last night in AV. Someone actually typed "prolly" for "probably." That's a pure case of bad pronunciation getting too big for its britches. Makes my skin crawl, I tell you.

And, yes, I, too, have an English degree. Dimes to donuts, I bet most of us who have replied to this topic do. lol

WoW, Casually: 7 reasons to make a Death Knight {WoW}

Dec 6th 2008 11:22AM My only question is this: if you roll a gnome DK can you grab one of the colts from the paddock instead of a horse for the Epic mount?

That would be worth the price of admission right there.