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Discuss: Should They Make an 'Incredible Hulk' Sequel? {Cinematical}

Dec 13th 2008 9:41PM After just watching the second "Hulk" movie I was surprised with a decent movie. I think Norton played the role well and would be a good Hulk from here on out.

I would have to agree that The Avengers should hit the wide screen before another Hulk movie. The Hulk shouldn't be left for dead, that role is for the "Punisher" B movies we have gotten from the studios.

Downey played Stark very well and I liked his "roll-over" to the superhero because he wasn't being a superhero he was being vengeful with a flare.

We have been spoiled with Spider-man, X-men and the new Batman films. We expect all films to be of equal caliber but that just isn't going to happen until the characters are rounded out first.

We need to "feel" for the person before we can cheer for the hero.

Tips for new Death Knights from a fellow tank, part 2 {WoW}

Dec 6th 2008 1:10PM I have been playing Horde for a very long time. Play as an Orc Hunter and a Blood Elf Rogue. When the expansion hit I went out and purchased my three copies and my girlfriend, her son and I all rolled new DK's so we could run together and we chose Alliance this time around.
So far my girlfriend and I have been running together and her son decided to "run" to lvl 80 then come run with us so he could be the first 80 in the house ( he was the last 60 and 70).
Thus far this has been the best write up on "tanking" as a DK that I have found, and I have been looking all over.
I do have one question: After the initial pull most DK's will have runic power left over and I was wondering if Death Coil could be used as a decent pull ability? Not only is it ranged but it also does damage so you could in theory "smack" one melee mob with that and then switch over to a caster if one is in the group you are attacking and use your DG and MF on the caster to grab agro on him as well. This way if it's only a 3 mob pull 2 are already on you and the third would be easy enough to grab agro on with your DnD if you have suffecient runes available. Or just turn and hit it a couple times.
As stated before I am used to running as DPS ( Hunter and Rogue) so anything useful would be nice.