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Arcane Brilliance: The wonders of Frostfire {WoW}

Dec 7th 2008 3:52AM Michael T, Mister Moose, thank you both for doing your part to keep the world safe for America's values. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that in America, we still have a little thing called "values." Its a little thing that makes us strong. Its a little thing that makes us the great people we are today. And when we respect values that means we put our families first. And family means monogamous, heterosexual and nuclear. And it means that someone has to protect the family. Because we believe in values. And anyone who believes in values will also protect the values, and protect our children. Because there are perverts out there and Communsits, and Athiests. And they want to subvert our values, which we have and we hold. And yes, protecting our children sometimes means that we must keep them in ignorance. But is ignorance of evil such a bad thing? If our children knew about sexual behavior, then they might want to try it out. And that would undermine our values, the values that make this nation great. If our children stumble across this site, and read the phrase "T-B-ing" (I for one will not spell it out), they might ask us what it means. And in that case, we would have very few options to protect our children, our little storehouses of tomorrow's values. We could lie to them, but lying is immoral and undermines values. The only other possible option would seem to be that we could hold a responsible discussion with our children about sexuality, and about sexual appropriate behaviors, and about why specifically bobbing around like a moron in order to imply that your set of pixels is rubbing its pixelated crotch on another pixelated face is such a very bad thing. But that leads us back to my earlier point, that if our children know about sexuality, they may want to try it out, and that would undermine values. Their ignorance is their only defence against the violation of their innocence. Their precious little innocence that will only all too soon be eroded by coming into contact with perverts and Athiests in their adult life. This is why i never let my children look at any webpage unless I am in the room with them, and have already seen the page myself. This is why, when my children play World of Warcraft, I am in the room with them. I have turned off all of their chat channels. They are only aloud to use either /p and they are only aloud to group with me. I'm doing my part to keep my children save and to preserve the values that I know in my heart of hearts that everyone who is not a pervert shares! Has the offending phrase been edited yet? Otherwise, sadly, I will have to start boycotting all WoWInsider posts in the future, because I may be reading a post to determine if it is apropriate for my children, and they may want a glass of water, so they may come into the room to ask me for permission to get a glass of water (I would have to discipline them later for coming into the computer room with an un-vetted webpage open) and they might inadvertantly see an offencive phrase like "T-B-ing" and their innocence would be destroyed. Forver!