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Breakfast Topic: Girls get free stuff {WoW}

Feb 1st 2006 5:29PM I don't know if it is because my char is female but I do get free stuff a lot, and am often invited to groups more frequently than my friend's male chars (both of us are druids so its not that the class is more needed because we are the same). It may - if its a gender issue be that I am actually female and don't care if people know. I also admit to being a noob and take GOOD advice when given. So maybe its just that people like working with me, or it could be because my toon has the tightest rear and large tracks of land, but I prefer to think it's because I'm fun to play with - serious when I need to be, but can make even the worst experience amusing (yes that mob of 20 guys you just accidentally pulled slaughtered us, but look at the bright side, now your gnome ghost is FINALLY taller than me (my elf whisp)) or then again - it probably is the nice rear end.

I Was Wrong. So Very, Very, Wrong. {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2006 4:32PM #7 the issue there could occur when a "child" grows up and moves out or has to take responsibility. Example: you have a person (these are not real people) Fluffy Marshmellow whose step father Leather Wallet paid for his account. Fluffy turns 18 and gets a credit card, and Leather says Fluffy has to pay for his own account now. Marshmellow and Wallet are two different names, but Fluffy never sold his account, he just started paying for it.

Request Etiquette {WoW}

Jan 12th 2006 4:07PM I dunno, for the guild I'd be annoyed - especially after you closed it the first time, but party invites (that actually have a point) don't but me, its just the random people who invite and then don't answer when you ask what they want. I invite people in my area (not people I can't see that I don't know) if it appears they are on the same quest.

As for trade, when I don't ask before a trade I always intend it to be just giving the item up. I frequently just give my higher quality meats to hunters. I figure I could get 50c back for them, or I could make someone's pet super happy. I've never had anyone say "don't give me that" (Maybe that's why I'm poor) But I hope it comes back to me someday- like I'll be in the LFG channel asking for help and they'll maybe remember I was nice and help me. Shrug - I may just be really naieve

New to WoW: A few basic tips {WoW}

Dec 16th 2005 5:42PM You can learn first aid, cooking and fishing! Do them all- no one can bandage you if you don't have the skill, even if you are a healer - sometimes you don't have enough mana. If someone is really good to work with in a group remember them - hit "o" and add them to your friends list. /w will get you to whisper something and to go into the different channels type / before the channel number. If someone does something nice for you - thank them. I rez'd someone the other day, just because I could and felt bad I couldn't heal them because all my heal spells were too high level to use on such a lowbie, but they ran of and didn't thank me... I got pissed, but then I realized they probably didn't know better - but do say thanks. if you want to do an action to yourself hold down alt. These are all super newbie things but - I didn't know them.

Girls just wanna have fun {WoW}

Dec 15th 2005 6:27PM I am female and I play a female. I was going to play a male blood elf when the expansion comes out until I realized one really important thing - People give me free gold, just for being a female character! I don't really want to give that up. And to shush all you people who are like - oooh that is sooo taking advantage, no its not. When I am somewhere and someone is a bit short to buy something they really really want (like this dwarf guy who wanted skinning lessons) I paid for the whole thing for him, and frequently I give away really good stuff I make in leatherworking to other players- usually male.

$40 server transfers? {WoW}

Dec 14th 2005 1:16PM Mark I think you are wrong when you said "You can't have horde and alliance characters on the same server either." My fiance - who dragged me into playing - has a 60 undead warrior and a 22 gnome warlock both on stormrage...He just can't send stuff to himself through the mail because of the faction difference.

Mechanics of a good party {WoW}

Dec 13th 2005 12:46PM I am a level 21 druid. I have only been in one group for an instance and it was half good and half bad. I openly admit to beeing a complete noobie, but I've had some guidance from some great players who have lvl 60 alts decked out with epic gear (not won at auction), and I knew going in that if my talents were all in spells and none in feral I would end up doing healing in just about any situation - which is fine, I hate taking damage. Another druid joins the group shortly after we had enough people to enter the instance - yeh she's maxed out as feral and a lvl 25 so I figure she would be fine just taking care of taking damage and peeling from me. NO. She didn't even come in with any maple nuts to rez people - I had 20 so after I died due to no one peeling from me running my butt back to the instance I gave her some of mine. I also told everyone to stay in line of sight or they would not get healed. So one of the other guys goes and starts running ahead to loot some dead guy while we are all still fighting below. I keep healing the people I can see - and I see his stats going down, I try a heal spell but it tells me that he is out of line of sight I ask him where he is - above me! I can't run up - mob in front of me and I'm pulling enough aggro as is, so I ask him to come to edge - he won't - he dies. Then he tells me I'm a crappy healer! The only 3 deaths we had were his, mine and mine again cause people couldn't keep the aggro off me from my healing. I guess the moral of my overlong vent story is PLEASE listen to your healer, and remember we can't fly, and even if you are a druid speced to be feral, have some maple to rez people if you are going to bother with an instance.

Expansion rumors about the new race {WoW}

Dec 8th 2005 3:46PM Chris - In the book that came with the game they talk about how the blood elves were driven from the alliance because of their affinity for dark magic...

How to enjoy WoW the Something Awful way {WoW}

Dec 7th 2005 5:29PM I got 50 silver one time just for complimenting another players rabbit and asking where to get one...but I really am a girl - just wish I looked like my char - pointy ears and all.

Well met: Roll call {WoW}

Dec 7th 2005 2:41PM Aenara is the only char I have so far ( started about a week ago ) she's a level 15 night elf druid. I picked her just because I have always had a facination with elf's and shapeshifting- she was both!