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Tips for new Death Knights from a fellow tank, part 2 {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2008 8:24AM O.K. so here is some information i feel like throwing out there, but first my personal background. Prior to the expansion i had 4 lvl 70s. I levelled a hunter to 70 only to learn my server was swamped with them, and enough bad players had tarnished the class to the point that nobody would take me anywhere. Then i levelled a shaman to 70 and went resto so I could get into upper level content. I also levelled a lock to 70 because it was fun but never really did anything with him. Finally I levelled a Prot warrior. I do not claim to be an expert on tanking but i have learned to manage mobs. Perhaps my 2 years in Guild Wars helped with that. That is what i will add and have found works well with a DK...

1st a tank it is your job to set the pace of the instance. You need to be aware of your party's abilities, their situation (mana pool and such) and you need to be able to prioritize mobs. An Add-on like MobInfo helps as it shows the class of each target.

OK mr DK tank, you have marked and are ready to make the pull on a group of big bad elites...and you have all of these tools at your is my take: You could hit that Death Grip button and have instant aggro on one target (see aforementioned scenario) or you could use icy touch and get the mobs moving towards you. LOS like you would tank any other mob...if need be strangulate any uncooperative casters and force them to melee. Once the mobs are near you, use Death and decay and Howling blast to damage multiple targets and get a big threat lead. Then hit bad guy with pointy object. Use death grip like dark command for any mob you lose aggro on is a fail safe. You may find it a lot easier to manage mobs in this manner.