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Man buys virtual space station for 330k real dollars {Joystiq}

Jan 2nd 2010 1:17PM He was probably thinking, "man, I really want this space station."

Officers' Quarters: Dressed down {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2009 1:14PM "We as officers often have to be the ones to rise above for the good of the guild, even if it sometimes means swallowing our pride a little bit -- or "exposing" our own weaknesses. (Sorry, couldn't resist one more pun.)"

I agree, he shouldn't have called him a "d*ck", but it's the officers who often have to be the ones to settle these things, not "rise above." What is "rising above", keeping it shush? Letting him do these things? How is letting him know he isn't doing what he's supposed to do "being prideful" to a point you have to swallow it?

I'm sorry but if someone pulled that stunt in my guild they would be given the same treatment as above, except we'd do it with a lot more tact than calling someone an expletive like that, where I agree he did draw the line, but everywhere else the officers were in total control and doing the right thing, so to suggest they have to "swallow their pride" or some such is absolute nonsense. Officers have jobs to do to help ensure the quality of their members stays high - if a member who is of "high quality" starts being "low quality," they have to do what they can to reverse that trend.

If he left the guild then you didn't just lose your best player, you lost someone who was willing to cause problems and show disregard to others around him. If anything you trimmed the fat and for that congratulations, but please do work on your etiquette.

Officers' Quarters: Raiding "blind" {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 5:09PM ack, third paragraph, it SHOULD say, "I don't think watching a video then doing the fight makes it trivial."

I entirely agree with knowing what you're getting into beforehand if that's your style. Being forced into a blind-raid is absolutely ridiculous.

Officers' Quarters: Raiding "blind" {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 5:05PM I would like everyone who posted that "gold is easy to come by" to send me your entire savings. Surely throwing away all that easily-earned, completely replacable, in no-way at all meaningful at all to you gold to a complete stranger isn't going to bother you, is it?

First of all the GM has some serious control issues - if it's not in his charter, then it should not be something he is stressing to his guild. It's one thing to sign-up for blind raids, it's another thing to be told you're going to be raiding blind one day at a guild meeting. There was no vote? That's fantastic - in my raiding guild, if a major decision that is going to affect raiders to that magnitude is made, there's going to be a vote on it beforehand.

I'm all for living the adventure of the moment; seeing something you've never seen before, and how awesome it is. I think watching a video of a fight then actually doing the fight makes it trivial and worthless to experience. I have my guild watch Ciderhelm's TankSpot videos before a raid and never once did I walk into the raid and the boss just give us his loot because we already watched his video - we still had to fight him, still had to do the encounter right, and still had to experience it and learn for ourselves.

The GM is wanting players to experience the game HIS way; not their way. If people decide that's the way to do it, then they should have a system in place for blind-raiding, but to one morning wake up and decide your raiding guild is doing it blind is irresponsible as a raid leader and guild leader. He can't honestly put his players in a situation where control is taken out of their hands - that's not his job.

A person above me posted that the "trust issues" that arise from this are extensive and how true that is. A person would rather their guild have to stay shush-shush about what they know or get g-kicked? A friendly, curious conversation means an expelling from a guild? Is this guild ?

I think it's safe to say that your GMs actions absolutely prove that a raiding guild should elect their GM, because it's obvious that not everyone has talent for it, or is just plain awful. I'd hate to see what other poorly made, awful decisions your GM is going to make and has made if this is his idea of a "great plan for the advancement of fun in my raiding guild."

If your time is valuable to you - which it obviously is - then you need to explain to your friends that maybe this environment isn't the best for you to raid in. If you can't leave the guild atleast just don't participate in their raids. Tons of good pugs or other good guilds needing spots filled will take you. I would not allow a GM like that to be able to abuse the loyalty and desire to succeed that you have.