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Activision-Blizzard makes lots of money, no update on Blizzard earnings {WoW}

Nov 7th 2009 8:49AM Not really.

From my experience, that logic is just wishfull thinking. The morons/immature idiots to balanced people ratio is quite steady across the board, often tipping more towards morons in a game populated mainly by very devoted players...
I mean, just look at darkfall. Christ, I only met one nice guy in that game, and he was a goon...

To be honest, the thing that always seems a little weird to me, is that in my five years of WoW, I've only met a handfull of people that really were "morons/immature idiots". Yes there are a few bad apples hanging around in trade, but many of those have actually been quite funny and often intelligent (although attention craving) people in despite of their apparent "immaturity".
Also, I can only remember meeting two REAL douchebags in my time in WoW. I've heard of many, but i've only directly witnessed two genuine cases of pure and through grade a+ douches.
Perhaps I just don't take a habit of judging people...

Breakfast Topic: How to be realm-famous {WoW}

Oct 10th 2009 6:05AM Trolling the forums isn't the only way to become realm famous.

On my realm, there is this tauren hunter from finland that reached fame as he ganked and corpsecamped every single alliance he could find. Even as grand marshal he never stopped. I have this distinct memory of leveling my rogue in duskwood, and suddenly having him appear and gank me, followed by a 30 minutes corpsecamp session. I even managed to escape and stealth several times, often loosing sight of him, but he always tracked me down and ganked me until I eventually managed to escape. He was kind of a forum troll aswell, but that wasn't where his fame came from.

There was also this moonkin who reached fame during tbc because he spent most of his playtime at the elemental plateau, ganking, or atleast trying, anyone who had ever attacked any of his characters (he posted his KoS list on the realm forums once, I think it took several posts to fit it all in). When we were bored, me and an irl friend always went to gank him, and he was ALWAYS to be found at the elemental plateau.

WoW Moviewatch: La Terroriste {WoW}

Sep 9th 2009 10:24PM The eleventh of september? Wasn't that when the Us marines invaded Honduras and killed thousands upon thousands of people back in 1919?

Or were you all talking about something else?

Breakfast Topic: What did you miss? {WoW}

Sep 8th 2009 6:38PM Pvp being all skill and no gear? BEFORE?

W W A A T (if the format messes that up, i basically spelled
"wat" with those letters you see, to show that i'm super seria.., uh i mean serious)

CLEARLY, you are either suffering from amnesia, nostalgia, making a joke (in which case i apologise for this rant im about to go on), or never experienced vanilla at all.

Being killed in less then a second by a warrior weilding arcanite reaper is only the beginning of the insane advantage gear gave you back then, seeing how the damage you could deal was ridicilously disproportionate to the average health pool.
Oh, and don't get me started on how the high end raiders were also the ones with the best pvp gear, and how gear obtained from pvp (marshal gear) was frappoliciously hard to get while also being sub-par.
If you want to see the least gear centric period of wow, especially in pvp, that moment is NOW.
Yes, NOW.
Pvp gear is so easy to get that everyone that are atleast remotely serious about it can reach something that comes dangerously close to a best in slot pvp set. Pvp is about skill over gear now more than ever, and if you can't see that it's because your rose tinted goggles have reached into your brain and is in the process of coating every corner of your brain with sparkly pink lipgloss.

Oh and, ironically, Wsgs and Avs lasted forever because there was no cooperation and teamwork. Part of the reason why they go faster these days is that nowadays people have atleast a remote idea of what they have come there to do. Also, today when people mess up and the Av rush degenerates into a fight were the horde and alliance move small distances back and forth without really getting anywhere (which in my experience, actually happens quite often), that whole madness is stopped by the resources running out, so you are forced to think strategically.
Don't say that things required more teamwork and cooperation back then, rushing is as of today the most viable tactic, and people often execute it brilliantly. Blaming the Bg design however, is another matter...

Breakfast Topic: What did you miss? {WoW}

Sep 8th 2009 6:07PM Vael not being about dps? You mean it not being about resource management. The fact that you have infinite mana, infinite rage, infinite energy (I was and am a rogue, i still have orgasms thinking about it), only make it a more dps centric fight, just that you could go wild with it, with the only limiting factor being your global cooldown (or cast time for those "caster" people). Vael was perhaps the most insane dps race fight i can think of, considering how exhilarating it was to keep your mind solely on the dps (and the threat, although that wasn't such an issue for rogues if you played your vanish right and threw som feints in now and then), and the fact that the time you had to kill him was basically the time it took for all the tanks to blow up one by one...
Now when I think about it, that fight was very interesting but for a whole different range of reasons in addition of just "essence of red". You had to make the choice of how much you trusted your group healer, and thus how much fire resist gear you would wear, which then affected how much dps you did. Tank threat was also crucial. As vael couldn't be taunted all tanks had to build up threat, but since you always tried to have a specific tank order so the healers could get ready for their new tank, threat was a very very crucial part of the fight... The raid members continiously blowing up and the totally random way they were marked for death by burning adrenaline... Oh man, that fight was THE frantic dps race. As I wasn't a caster i never got to experience the instacast lolcrits of burning adrenaline, but infinite energy was amazing in it's own right (incidentally, rogues were THE class to stack for that fight. Wouldn't get blown up, had great threat management, and could top the dps meter by hitting the "1" button with a hammer).

Also, the chromaggus dispelling seems like it would be challenging if you don't account for the existence of a little addon with the name of a "decursive", an addon that automatically cleansed a debuff that you could cleanse of someone in the raid. This basically boiled all forms of cleansing in early vanilla to pressing a button repeatedly. The same button, often hotkeyed, to hotkey number 1, pressed in conjunction with drinking a beer, and annoying me, who was sitting concentrating on being #1 dps, what were we talking about again?
Point was that, chromaggus basically boiled down, for casters, to cast spells on him, hide behind a wall, and then cast on him again, maybe switch spells around when he changed vulnerability. For meele, it was the same, without the spell vulnerability thing. In fact i don't really remember why i did the things that i did on that fight... Meele stood behind him, so why did we hide from his breath? Did it come out of his ass too? Now i'm confused, i was just doing as i was told.

On loatheb however, it was another story, that WAS a complicated fight for the healers, however that was really late tier. Not many more did that fight then people have done yogg+1, and that is a really interesting fight with alot more to it then the criterias you mention.

Point is, well i'm not sure what the point is :D Just clearing up some inacuracies that leads to excessive infused nostalgia :P It's easy to get the impression that the mechanics of fights you haven't really experienced in their time were more interesting then they actually were. BWL was the first instance that really went way beyond the "tank and spank" concept, and made raiding truly interesting (not to mention hard). But there has been plenty of fights since then that haven't been any less interesting then those in BWL, they just don't seem that way because you know them so well.

Breakfast Topic: Which NPCs cause a double take? {WoW}

Sep 7th 2009 10:42AM Not really an NPC, but when nefarian screamed "DEATHKNIGHTS! GET OVER HERE!" and then mass deathgripped the raid in a true scorpionesque fashion, i loled.

Video of the Hogger live raid at BlizzCon {WoW}

Aug 29th 2009 8:11PM

In other news, the entire event seen from the side of a premonition rogue can be streamed at (Just select "on demand" in the bottom left corner".

It can also be downloaded at

It features 1337 rogue dps (but not "avoid the sleepy clouds" skill), and the entire ventrilo conversation from start to finish. (Yes, the Ventrilo conversation the Premontion raid were having from before they even entered the instance to 15 minutes after they had been pwnt by hogger and the event was over)

Thanks to Arlen for the original link.

(I know i know this isn't related to the comments above, but I just want as many people to know that this exists, as there have been some later comments about "oh how I would have wished to hear what they were saying" etc etc.. )

Video of the Hogger live raid at BlizzCon {WoW}

Aug 29th 2009 8:02PM Daences, wish granted.

Just click the "on demand" box in the bottom left corner of the stream interface, and select "premonition live raid".

It's a rogue PoV of the entire event from the side of premonition, complete with Vt recording and all.

Enjoy! :>

(Thank Arlen for the original link to this stream)

Breakfast Topic: Your favorite BlizzCon announcement {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2009 10:05PM Two hander with agi is a good thing.
It allows the weapon to be used by hunters, by Dk dpsers, Dk tanks (agi = avoidance), and Warrior dpsers...

Of course, any hunter that gets that weapon before any of the other classes I mentioned should be killed, left to rot, and fed to starving murloc babies, but that's another story.

Breakfast Topic: Your favorite BlizzCon announcement {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2009 9:39PM You do realise that you can level your guild without raiding right? Even without going into an instance!
Just do some Pvp, some dailies, and you'l be lvl 20 before you know it!

Don't be down, take it as a challenge! A common goal for your little band of hopefully merry men!
Besides, none of the perks are really gamebreaking. Mostly fun stuff, and stuff that is practical when raiding and leveling... Since you guild probably only does one of those two, it's not really that bad.