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New teleports and mage portals in 2.4? {WoW}

Mar 10th 2008 2:50PM "The Crypt" used to be accessible pre-TBC. If you knew where to die, you could ghost walk yourself through the gate and rez on the other side, giving yourself complete access to the really creepy but ultimately empty "dungeon" (it was not instanced). Way back in the day, on post-BWL/AQ40 raid debriefs, me and some officers used to wander around there while talking strategy and whatnot. Tons of screenshots if you look. Some very ominous rooms were in there ("The Upside Down Sinners" room was especially creepy).

Pics of Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne emerge {Joystiq}

Mar 10th 2008 11:34AM Sweet, they're filming right in the heart of downtown and the financial district. Hopefully this is A-roll shooting and not just B-camera footage/stunts/effects, and considering the times and streets they chose, they spared little expense (though in all fareness, the new Hulk movie blocked up an even bigger chunk of Yonge last year and I could see the huge spot lighting from my condo all night).

Glad to see productions still coming to Hollywood North, despite their dollar being so crappy. Guess I'll take a walk out at lunch and see if I can spot me some Mila Kunis...

BusySync 2.0 Public Beta {}

Mar 5th 2008 11:39AM Semantic differences.

A feed/data dump implies you are taking the data from source A and overwriting anything in source B.

One way sync implies that source A is the master, source B is the receiver, and any changes made in source A will be reflected in source B, but changes/additions made in source B will be kept, but not reflected in source A. If both source A and B make a change to the same record, you have a conflict you need to resolve (unless source A always overwrites, then yes, this would be similar to a dump).

Bidrectional sync implies that any changes in either source will be reflected in the other, conflicts aside.

MacBook Airs shipping {}

Jan 29th 2008 11:31AM Sweet! I can't wait to see one in person at the local Apple Store... After having fought through the throngs of people that will undoubtedly be molesting it. I still don't think I'll give up my MBP though...

So does this mean that Apple TV firmware update should be out today too? Steve did say two weeks, non?

Purple Violets released exclusively on iTunes {}

Nov 21st 2007 12:48PM @4: Yes, if you have a US iTunes prepaid card, you can download from the US store. There isn't currently any restriction based on where you are physically located, unlike other download services (Xbox Live, most streamed media content from studios, etc.).

I agree that $12.99 is perhaps a little steep. I think a $9.99 price would have been a prime spot to premiere it at. Never the less, I did pony up for it and will enjoy it over a big bowl of popcorn on my Apple TV with the Mrs.

MTV Games confirms Rock Band delay for Canada; coming Dec. 17 {Joystiq}

Nov 13th 2007 2:37PM So playing with no drums or microphone? That game has been out for a couple weeks already. It's called Guitar Hero III.

Blasto returns ... in trademark form {Joystiq Playstation}

Oct 30th 2007 10:43AM Blasto just wouldn't be the same without Phil Hartman...

SlingPlayer Mobile coming to BlackBerry {Engadget}

Sep 27th 2007 12:29PM The general lack of Wifi on most BlackBerry devices (save for the brand spanking new 8820 and 8320), and absence of 3G for all GSM carriers is going to create a little bit of a hurdle for Sling putting out any decent quality video. Unless of course you have an EVDO or Wifi BB.

This Week in HD DVD: Elvis the marshall edition {Joystiq Xbox}

Sep 17th 2007 1:23PM A real shame that Atari never released the arcade game itself as was promised in the closing credits of the movie. I think someone has made a PC game modeled after the game as seen in the movie. Those be some fond nostalgic memories. Death Blossom FTW!

Blizzard disbands extreme erotic roleplaying guild {WoW}

Sep 17th 2007 10:58AM LOL @ #1. 25 to 40 (old guild, must have been around pre-TBC) sexually charged ERPers... Makings for a cyber 0rgy over Rag's limp hammer.

The solution for Blizzard doesn't even really need to be that difficult. The system knows your age when you sign up. Blizzard can mandate birthdays being put into a person's account settings (whether you lie or not is up to you). Then when guild's create accounts, then can be a flag set for explicit content, much like many social networking websites. This would prevent underage people from joining a restricted guild. Sure, that's all voluntary, but if Blizz finds that ERP guild did not set their explicit flag, they could set it for them.