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Why "easy raids" are a good thing (for now) {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 1:24PM Gotta love the hate between 'casuals' and 'hardcore' raiders seen here. Yes the casuals want to be able to see all the content (and Blizz don't want to design stuff that only 5% of the population base ever see), and the Hardcore players want to have challenging content that dosen't require them to make up their own difficulty.

'Just go with less players' someone above said . . . are you serious? The Hardcore raiders have been all about min/maxing, getting the best out of their characters and raid groups as possible to be able to achieve things they otherwise wouldn't. Telling us to do it with no deaths, or no consumables or whatever isn't anywhere in the same realm as the satisfaction of getting a first kill.

I really thought Blizz had it sussed. 10 man raids so that everyone sees the content and the love that Blizz have put into some of these encounters, and 25-man so that those that want a serious challenge get it.

Saying 'do Sarth with 3 drakes up' is fine, but give us more like that. One hard fight does not make a decent end-game, Naxx 25-man on a closer par to Sarth with the drakes up would.

As the article says, the next content may be harder. I pray it is, otherwise I'm not sure whats going to keep some people playing.

Yes the top 5-10% are a minority, but they are also a fairly loyal minority and provide Blizz with a steady revenue ( Day One player still going strong here).

Don't hate casual players for wanting to see the game, or hardcore players for wanting a challenge. Just let Blizz know we want both.