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Shifting Perspectives: Answers to questions nobody asked, part 2 {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2010 8:29PM Personally I despise Trolls, but I adore their cat form.

And they do somewhat explain why the Forsaken are attacking Gilneas, it's just NPCs talking in say. Simply enough they want to expand their borders, they've wanted to break down the Greymane Wall for years. Giveaway: Stormrage by Richard A. Knaak {WoW}

Feb 24th 2010 7:52PM I would love this book.

Realm maintenance for Tuesday March 31st {WoW}

Mar 30th 2009 10:17PM "the will of the mighty ghosts crawling throughout"

I see what you did thar.

Arcane Brilliance: Dual-speccing your Mage {WoW}

Feb 14th 2009 5:09PM Gah! It's been too long since I played my mage. I am already having issues giving the poor SoB a spec, now I have to worry about his second one! *dies* That said, solo pve/group pve for me.

Blood Elf vs. Draenei diorama giveaway {WoW}

Feb 10th 2009 11:04PM Yeah, that would look good on my desk.

WRUP: Skipping Wrathgate edition {WoW}

Jan 30th 2009 10:17PM I'll be working, then hunting down the remaining Elders on my list followed by hopefully running some Heroics.

WRUP: Vampire of choice edition {WoW}

Jan 17th 2009 11:39AM When I get home from work I hope to level my Paladin some more so I can catch up to my fiancee. Running a few instances would be nice, and I would like to hit up the Amphitheater of Anguish and get myself a shmexxy axe.

FCC Comissioner: World of Warcraft causes college dropouts {WoW}

Dec 11th 2008 6:08PM Um... I actually know a guy that failed out of college because of WoW. Yes it's a game, and a fun game at that, but it is also a cheap addiction.