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Guildwatch: "I'm a #(*$ing fantastic Rogue" {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 11:21PM javaNoir’s my old guild from Tich. It’s a core of players who regularly raid with others from “outside” the guild but they’re usually almost always the same people. The nature of a late-night Aussie guild on an american server is basically to reward those who show up the most, and if that’s a pug who raids alot with us and is talented, he’ll raid with us ahead of a guildie who just logged on, definately.

To be fair though, plenty of times I’ve logged on to do a raid at 70 before I quit (like a mag after a gruul) and since I wasn’t in the gruul raid, even though I was a guildie (and RL friend) of the core of people organising the run, if a spot for a priest/warrior/shaman didn’t open up when they cleared gruul and went for mags, then I wouldn’t get a place, even ahead of pugs. If their group is downing content and wants to stay on, I don’t see how I should get a place ahead of them.

Why? Cos they were there first. It’s only fair. To kick people from successful raid groups just cos they’re pugs breeds elitism, and certainly makes it harder for guilds who regularly take regular puggers with them to find the players to fill their gaps at a later date. This Ret Pally will have to learn to show up earlier and get into the Naxx when it forms to get a spot if he wants obs sanctum so bad. I’m guessing they had a spot in the raid after Naxx for another healer but since he’s ret there was no point taking him over a holy pally.

We raided like this for a good amount of time towards the end of the BC expansion, after all the hardcore guild-oriented stuff died down and we just started raiding with friends (regardless of guild tags), and it worked really well. Everyone had fun, there was no dkp, and those who showed up the most were rewarded the most. Bottom line is we never kicked people out of raids just because they didn’t have the same guild tag as us. That’s just mean. Besides some of the guys who raided with us @ 70 did so on alts that they use when they're not on the raid-mains that play at normal US hours. These guys would be regulars who wear the guild tags of their American-time guilds. Some people are just THAT hardcore sadly. They usualy are also very good players.

anyhow I quit at the wotlk expansion so I can’t speak for everyone!