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Breakfast Topic: Exploring the World of Warcraft {WoW}

Apr 17th 2009 11:58AM Dunno if someone brought it up already, but what about... The Deadmines? First dungeon for many people, and Ironclad cave felt so epic when we entered it, with some "hidden" stuff to see.

Those were the days...!

UPDATE: Blood of Gladiators Loot Card EU giveaway {WoW}

Apr 15th 2009 9:11AM /roll 100-100

Breakfast Topic: What is WoW's biggest mistake? {WoW}

Mar 25th 2009 10:33AM Couldn't agree more.

That could be implemented a bit like it was in the now defunct Hellgate London: the instance difficulty, mob HP and damage, etc being adjusted to how many players were in the party. It would also make teams of 2-3 people viable.

Also, for those who know AOC, some instances also adjust to the player's level. It would be insanely fun to run Deadmines at level 80 and actually finding it hard!

Though it would be a really nice addition, blizz will never do it. That way we would see game content faster, and they do not want us to simply have fun in the game, we must face it as a second job. Sucks...

Breakfast Topic: What is WoW's biggest mistake? {WoW}

Mar 25th 2009 8:28AM Arenas. Because of them, we see the all the game classes "balanced" (read: messed up/nerfed) on a weekly basis. No one i know started playing wow for PvP in the first place.

And arenas also killed the battlegrounds, which are actually fun to play by both hardcore pvpers and casuals. If there were some decent rewards in battlegrounds, not just in arenas (by decent i don't mean welfare epics like in BC, though) they would revitalize.

No vanilla WoW realms. Really. {WoW}

Mar 13th 2009 11:09AM "Besides, really, the game has never been more fun."

Really? With all classes being the same, all instances being tank-aoe-spank, with the first new multi-boss raid only on a patch, and with weekly class changes (read class nerfs/tweaks/bullshit)

No, the game has never been LESS fun. I would trade WOTLK or BC for vanilla any day of the week. So would many others who simply can't stand this anymore, can't feel the game like before, and just quit.

Around Azeroth: Missed the boat {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 10:46AM "i just started a Blood Elf DK on saurfang, my main is a 80 gnome mage, mages rule"

Good for you...

Breakfast topic: Of Newbies and n00bs {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2009 9:38AM Simply put, i don't think there is a level range or a timeline to separate noobs and newbies. Why?

I have a friend that started playing WoW when Wotlk came out. He's on his second lvl 80. Before someone asks, no, he doesnt have a job, school, GF, life. But the point is, he's been playing for 3 months, and has 2 80s. Newbie. He does try to learn everything, asks everything, etc - the humble attitude.

Now, i have a bunch of guildies that play for 3 years. Every day, all day long. But if a mob breathes fire, explodes stuff, leaves AOE poisons, they will continue whatever they are doing and ignore it. "Hmmmm me like... Shiny...!"

Bottom line: Newbie = Person that hasn't had the opportunity to explore all aspects and content of the game, but that is eager to learn. After doing things once, they can redo them whithout making mistakes.

Noob = Person that thinks he know everything, withuot having a clue on most of it, that has explored several aspects of the game, but keeps doing the same mistakes over and over because of the inability of being humble enough to admit he is wrong.

Simply put, there is no cure for stupidity. There will be noobs of every class, level, playtime, always.

Encrypted Text: Guide to Rogue stats for new raiders {WoW}

Jan 21st 2009 11:54AM A raiding Rogue with Precision will be shooting for 99 hit rating as a bare minimum from gear (66 if you're playing with a Draenei).

Didn't know Draenei can now be rogues... Maybe the OP could check wich races can choose his class?

Free character moves for Europe {WoW}

Jan 15th 2009 12:07PM 1:67? only if you count all levels. Try only 80s.

Total Alliance: 46 - 1%
Total Horde: 6,953 - 99%
A to H Ratio: 1 : 151.2

46? ALL the allys can't even make 2 raids at a time :)

Come to magtheridon please! We need gnomes to gank!

BigRedKitty: It's hunter-pinata time, part III {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 9:21AM Same as paladins, Blizz shouldn´t have taken OP stuff live. Period. The problem is that they did, people get used to be OP, then cry about it. Someone is really looking incompetent at Blizzard. If it is not meant to be like that, don't take it live. If you do, then live with it. If we were not beta testers, we shouldn't feel like beta testers now. On live servers.

Just note that these changes are really not that severe and will not affect game play much, it really seems tuning. Hunter pets alone doing the same/more damage than other classes is simply ridiculous.

The thing is, the nerfs are not even close to being as severe as the paladin nerfs. Paladins are just as bad (worse, probably) in arenas as hunters, and the sustained PVE damage of retribution is really not quite possible to keep up since JotW nerf. So, before crying, we hunters should pray we don't get the same TO THE GROUND treatment as paladins, thank for the kill shot buff, and admid we needed some tuning down.